Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Today was a *good* day!

In many ways! On Saturday, Himself and I hit Sam's Club for SG's aunt; while out we stopped at Anna's Linen - I LOVE that place! Too bad they filed Ch. 13 and are going out of business. :sad: They excel at cheap, inexpensive home goods. Yes, they're CHEAP - $12.99 for cafe curtains, for example. Anyway - they were running an extra sale - spend $60 or more, get an extra 10% off your purchase.

I wanted to replace the kitchen curtains - I had some dark burgundy valences and cafe curtains (they're BEAUTIFUL, but I was feeling shut-in and wanted something lighter) - and was looking for something feminine, white, and ruffly. Think Battenburg lace......

I walked in, and found the *perfect* curtains - unbleached muslin-looking curtains with a strip of embroidered roses, trimmed with crocheted lace. I fell in love with the roses.....unfortunately they didn't have enough of the "tiers" (they're cafe curtains!) in the Ivory/white color I wanted....and they didn't have ANY of the valences in the taupe color that they had enough of in the tiers. :sigh: I was able to get 2 pairs of the Ivory tiers (needed 3), so I grabbed 1 taupe, hoping it'd work.

What do YOU think?

curtains - taupe

I've lived with it since Saturday. Yesterday I stash-dove and found some white even-weave, fine cotton/cotton-blend - it matches well enough. Today I tore apart the taupe tiers, and made white ones:

curtains - white

Not perfect, but MUCH better than the taupe, no?

Sewing was done in bursts - we had an Ortho appointment at 10:50 (Himself is in line to have his braces removed in December; IF Herself keeps up with the rubber bands, hers should come off in November/December with NO extractions!), and then I had to run to Plano to pick up a CraigsListing....a Singer adjustable dress form with no stand for $38. For Herself. (I am giddy over that score! It's in pristine condition, and they normally run about $200! CL normally has them for $100+.....)

Anyway, it's dinner time. Have a great evening, y'all!

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