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While stash-diving, I found 2 fabrics from my MIL that I had forgotten I had. Herself said I could have this one, but....I'm not really sure what to do with it. I'm thinking a dirndl, but...

Here's the fabric:

fabric - flowers

I have right at 3 yards of it. I am NOT into florals, but the colors will work with me....I'm thinking skirt. Dirndl, to be exact (it's YOUR fault, Hearthy! :lol:) But.....will it work? It's got a silky feeling - I'm thinking it's Rayon or Poly-"silk" - and it's 45" wide (or so.)

IF I do a dirndl, the width is the length of each panel, correct? And I'd need 2 I need to match the pattern at the seams? (I've never owned a dirndl, to my knowledge, so sorry if these questions seem silly!) Self-band, or should I see if I can find some black? And....I found a pattern for a 1-yard 1950's style blouse.....would it be too much to wear a matching set? (I'm thinking it might I said, I don't DO florals. But I have the fabric, and I'd like to see if I can MAKE something wearable. And I need to use my dress form so SG won't snark. :sigh: and :lol:)

Anyway, today's project is house slippers - I have some tapestry fabric that I want to use. I need house slippers, and the pattern looks easy, so - why not? :lol:

Oh - I made the mistake of visiting Decades of Style. This is just 1 of the patterns I *need*......the '40's housedress, the Marilyn-esque sundress, the the the....:lol: I need to step away from the Internet for a while, I think.......:rofl:

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