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:sigh When it rains....

it pours. It seems I finally managed to kill my White yesterday. In the middle (of Course!) of a pair of tapestry house shoes (although "shoes" is a bit generous. More like house ovals. Foot covers.) The motor had been sparking for a couple of days - but a) it's about 65 years old and ye old Internet said that some older motors spark on occasion and not to worry and b) it was running fine, so I...ignored it. I WAS planning on getting it looked at later this month, but since I couldn't do anything sooner, I just lived with it.

It did fine yesterday AM, but when I sat down after lunch to work on it, it suddenly quit. It went from sewing perfectly to sewing S-L-O-W-L-Y, then it just...quit. The motor hummmmmmmmmms, but nothing moves.

SG looked at it, and said it would be easy to replace the motor, IF we could find a replacement. Of course, this was after he said "Well....maybe it's time to get a" (he saw the look on my face. :lol:)

See, I have a gift. I KILL modern sewing machines within 2 weeks of acquisition. DH #1 didn't believe me, even after his perfectly running, used in business machine would suddenly die if I came within 15 feet of it, so he set up an experiment. He went to JoAnn's and bought me a mid-line demo model. Very few bells-n-whistles, but NEW. HE threaded it, he tested it, then turned me loose on it. Within 5 minutes the bobbin barfed up a huge tangle, the needle broke (with NO pins in sight, mind you!) and the tension went wonky. He fixed it, and we tried again....and again.....and he finally gave in and asked me to stay FAR away from his serger. :rofl:

My White? Is the first machine that's lasted. :sigh: I found a shop in IL that supposedly carries parts for ALL Vintage machines, and I emailed them last night. We'll see how much a new motor is.....

Mom had brought over her Bernina Record 830 a while back, for Herself (it's too modern for me. Mostly metal, yes, but it has 2 Bakelite/Delrin gears that frankly scare me.) Herself told me to pull it out yesterday...oh, what fun *that* was!

It's in fantastic shape, but needs a thorough cleaning and a tune-up. And a manual (Mom, if you're reading, do you know if you have it? I downloaded a scanned copy, but it's sideways. And too many pages to comfortably print out. I can try to find one on eBay if necessary!). I managed to get the thing sewing....and I even sort of figured out how to go from straight stitch to zig-zag (but now I can't get it to switch *back*), AND I got it to do one of the fancy embroidery stitches.....but it needs a pro to look at it. At least the shoe-shaped objects are done! :sigh:

IF the White can't be fixed for under $200.....then I am going to try to get a "new" machine. I have my heart set on a Singer Rocketeer.....don't NEED it, but hey, if I need a new machine, THAT's the one I want to try to find. (There's 1 on CL right now for $200. It doesn't have all the cams, but those have been on eBay a lot, for....well, more than I'd like to pay, but that's not a deal-breaker.) My White has ALL the cams, which is why I want to just fix, I don't do change very well. I know how it works, I can deal with it's idiosyncrasies, and I...well, I like it. We'll see...

Re: Fabric. Thanks for the ideas! I think it wants to become a robe - with contrast hem and sleeve cuffs, and possibly collar. :lol:

H, you mentioned ruffles/gathers at the waist adding pounds. Hm. See, the main reason I am so gung-ho on sewing my own clothes finally is that NOTHING RTW fits. My Full-Bust is 11" wider than my waist (is that right? That's what the chart we made Saturday says - I didn't think it was THAT much difference!) and my hips - at the fullest part of my bum, that is - is 14" larger than my waist. (And all of them are larger than I like, but it is what it is. Even skinny, though, there was a lot of difference.) So - when I said "think Marilyn" earlier, I really meant it (I only wish I could look like her! Or that society accepted curves now!) RTW simply isn't set up for curves - if something fits my waist, it won't fit my bust OR my hips. I either buy t-shirts that are unfitted (and look OK, but not great) or I wear muumuus. And pants? Either I do elastic waistbands, or I have a huge gap at my waist. (Again with the large t-shirts. They cover a LOT of sins!)

Much as I hate dresses (OK, hate is too strong. I don't LIKE dresses, much, especially not for every-day wear), I'm starting to think that maybe - just maybe - I need to give them a go. Especially the 1940's and '50's era "House dress"...but I am NOT committing myself just yet. I need to have some spectacular pants failures first. :lol: Plus I keep hearing about how dresses are just so much cooler in the heat....and August is coming. We'll see.

Anyway, it's Friday! I need to do a quick clean, then run to pick up some side-work. Shabbat Shalom guys! Have a great one!

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