Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Sewing a dress, Part 2: Back to the Beginning

First off, Thank You for your comments! Ali, don't be jelly - I don't have mad skills. Honest! I can sew a relatively straight seam, and I can cut sort of straight. If YOU can do these 2 things - and read and follow directions (I am working on the following part. I think I know a "better" way, and that's when I get into trouble.) - then YOU can sew clothing. Just be prepared to fail spectacularly every now and then! :lol:

H, you're probably correct in the changes I need to make to the back, but......I am not going to do anything until I get muslin #2 done. With a better choice of fabric. AND - I am actually going to do what 1 of my books TOLD me to do, but I ignored: I am going to sew the entire thing - pockets, facings, EVERYTHING - before I try it on Cat or me. I was trying to save time....but I think I need to pretend this is for reals, and THEN start making changes. (I do have what the books so kindly call a sway-back. Let's say it like it is: I have a big butt. :snicker: As well as a full bust - one book calls my shape "Matronly". Um.....OK. It is what it is. I prefer curvy. :lol:)

I'll be begging for help when the time comes to fit - I understand the process to fix a sway back....but this dress, with the diamonds (which are hiding pockets; yet another reason muslin #1 sucked. I didn't DO the pockets. :sigh:) is going to be a bit more problematical than a normal, easy dress. Apparently I need more of a challenge than most people do.....

So. Here's a shot of fabric choices #2:

dress take 2

You guys have NO idea how hard it is for me to cut the main dress out of the white and use the penguins for the contrast - the idea of a penguin dress is just turning my crank so hard it's not funny. I have to keep reminding myself this is a FITTING attempt, not a Wearing attempt - and I only have so much of the penguins. I think I need to pick up a few more yards of it, and some solid blue or black for the contrasts - because I think it'd be cute and fun. (Why yes, I DO have a warped sense of humor, why do you ask? :lol:)(And yes, I WOULD wear it - outside the house, even. :lol:)

The actual dress - once I GET to that point - will be black and white polka-dot with cherries for the main dress, and a mid-tone green as the contrasts. The fabric is totally cute - I had intended it for the Walk-away dress, but Herself is convinced it'll look better in this one. The Walk-away would have been easier....but hey! I actually *do* like the diamond dress better, so there ya go. (The diamond dress is a reproduction of an actual 1950's housedress. I was skeptical, until Saturday. I had a friend and her mom over, and I showed them the pattern. It seems that they have one of Grandma's vintage dresses that IS this exact pattern! I am awed.....and more determined to sew one up for me to wear.)

Gotta go iron, then do school. Today's project is to sew up this dress completely......wish me luck!

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