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A brief pause...

to show you the fabric haul from today! Herself and I headed out at 10 and hit 6 fabric outlet stores in Dallas (Perth Street, for those familiar with the area.) We ended up spending $136.....but look at the haul:

fabric haul

ALL of that, from 2 stores (the others had stuff, but the prices weren't as good. Good? Yes...but the largest haul came from a place that was mostly $3/yard cottons. And $3/yard stretch knits.

Let's take a closer look, shall we? First up, dress fabric for me:

fabric dresses 2

fabric dresses

The white is a linen/rayon blend ($3/yard!!!!), and will be the Decades of Style 1944 Housedress, as will the purple-y polka-dot and the screamingly bright geometric print. The cherries and green fabrics will become a Walk-away dress. Everything except the white is cotton...the cherries and the green are Moda (yeah, quilting cotton. I'm not looking for every day wear here, although they WILL be worn. And - $3/yard!!!! :lol: I got 4 yards of everything except the cherries - that's 5 yards. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a 2-color walk-away, or I got enough to do either one. :lol:

I'll be honest - the geometric print is a bit...loud, but fun. Trimmed in green it should work for me....besides, everyone needs a fun dress, right? :nods: The linen/rayon is a bit...pastel, but I LOVE the hand of it, and the print is nice and feminine without being overly floral. The polka-dot and cherries are just fun. :lol:

We got Herself some fabric, too:

fabric C

The "tin type" print will be a dress - probably the 1944 housedress, but we're still discussing that (it's 4 yards, so more than enough for a dress for her. The Housedress only needs 3.25 yards for the largest size...I prefer to have extra fabric for "just in case"). The print is a knit, and will become a tank - there's enough there for 2, maybe 3 tank tops (which means I might end up with one, too. :lol:)

fabric C knits

More knits - the flame will be tanks, the blue will be - eventually! - a 1950's draped top (from Mrs. Depew on etsy). It's a draft-to-your-measurements pattern, so it'll be a while. Still - $3.50/yard, in a color she went gaga over.

fabric - muslin bolt

Here's a bolt of muslin-esque fabric. Feels like either polished cotton or a cotton/poly blend....the entire bolt was $25. $1/yard. It's a wee bit lighter weight than the dress fabrics, but it was this or paying $6.50/yard for a heavier-weight true muslin. I opted to do this - it feels like a nice, well-worn sheet.

And, a last-minute impulse purchase - a pair of tailor's shears:

fabric - shears

One of the stores uses these to do all their cutting, and it was only $10. I figured, why not? :lol:

So, that was today's haul. I am set for a while on fabric...I just need to get the blasted diamond dress fitted, then I can start sewing for *real*. The housedress and walk-away dress should be a walk in the park after this......:rofl: I need to read up on altering patterns with princess seams (the housedress), but it doesn't look hard - and Pattern Review says it's an easy pattern.

My leg is stiff, but not as sore. I've been hitting it with Arnica, and the swelling is down - but it is turning all sorts of colors.

I'm pleased with today's field trip. Tomorrow I'll retrace the pattern - Again - and cut the muslin. I am not planning on sewing it until Sunday....let it think about what it's put me thru. :snicker:

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