Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I promised photos, so photos you shall have!

I took a bunch of photos of the bodice front and diamond inset. Let's start with the original pattern:

diamond pattern inset original

I include it, so you can compare it with my tracing:

diamond pattern inset alone

And the tracing of the front bodice piece (I cut the skirt part off, since it's not necessary for this):

diamond pattern bodice

I was VERY careful in tracing off the pieces - the medical paper is thin enough that you can see the lines very clearly. I carefully followed ONLY my size lines (it helped that my size was a solid line - the rest are dotted/slashed/dashed).

Now, here we go trying to fit the inset into the bodice. I folded the bodice darts down, to make sure they weren't causing any problems:

diamond pattern 6

diamond pattern 4

diamond pattern 3

diamond pattern 2

Diamond Pattern 1

The dashed line is the grain line; you can see that I tried to keep both oriented the same way. (Also, I traced the pieces using a dotted line, because it's easier on me.

You can see that it wants to fit....but just doesn't quite. I couldn't get the lines or the dots to line up, no matter what I did (the 2 marks on the one side of the inset are for the pocket; the inset is actually only sewed to the dress along the top, the bottom is sewn to the pocket back. The pocket back is sewn to the pocket facings, which are sewn to the bottom of the cut-out bit on the bodice. the facings? Match the bottom of the cut-out almost exactly, which doesn't help with the darn diamonds.)

The curvy bit on the inset is part of the side seam. You are supposed to have 5/8" seam allowances.....:sigh:

Anyway, I give up. For now. I think I want to find a dress with a similar shape.....and I'll add diamonds to the sides of IT. No, it won't be THIS dress, but it'll be close. And much easier to sew.

I am going to cut into my for reals fabric for the Walk Away dress any minute now. Really! :snicker: I want to sew it up today, so I can do the binding and hemming tomorrow......wish me luck!

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