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*sigh* It's that time of year again, and I feel the cave calling me. Not a pleasant feeling....

I spent this AM and evening sorting thru photos.....I *need* to get the kids' baby books (I know, I know!) done (or...started, even....) and scrapbooks made, and since I am already near the pit I figured I might as well get it over with.

Why in the world do we take *so*many*pictures*?? I have 2 huge boxes - 1 for each kid - and 1 large box and 1 medium box of misc. pictures - mostly of b.k. days. There was even a packet of photos that we didn't take - neither of us ever visited Hawaii. Hmmmmmmmmm.

A lot of them I simply glanced at and tossed in the adult box. I'm too fragile to actually sort thru them at the moment...maybe later.

There were a bunch of photos I had forgotton about - for a while there, my brother was in a black and white phase...I have *tons* of photos, very nice photos, of the kids in black and white. A few that are more artsy, a few silly, but all of them really good. A bunch of Herself - she's been around 8 years now, and the box is almost full. I was plesantly surprised at the amount of Himself I found - I don't remember taking the time to get photos of him, so this is good.

There were a few very good ones of the whole family - Himself came over to see what I was doing, and said "Ooooh - there's me when I was a baby. And Daddy! Wow." It was.....OK.

Of course, this was the easy part - now I have to actually *work* with them to get them in the books/albums. Maybe I should wait until August for that........the kids' ones shouldn't be too bad - most of the pics are just of them. The adult box, however.....lots of wedding photos, pre-wedding photos, togetherness photos. I'll be putting that one off for a bit, methinks.

Herself is off with the church youth group on her first camp-out. Pray!
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