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Blah de blah de blah...

Yesterday, I was a waiter. I had to wait at the doctor's office, then wait while they found the shot (Tetnus), then wait while they wrote the prescriptions (2. 3 antibiotics, in 2 pills. :sigh:), THEN wait at the Pharmacy. Only....the doc sent the 'scripts to the WRONG pharmacy; CVS called Brookshire's...who couldn't FIND the 'scripts. We left CVS at *2:30* I called to see, and the pharmacist said "Well, they claim they are faxing it to us, but we STILL have not gotten them. I am going to get a verbal confirmation of what your copy said - for the insurance - and we will get it filled right away." I picked up my pills at 3. *3*!

Yes, the bite got infected. Could have been worse....but still. No other comment.

Mom-brag: Herself is currently basting a toy dragon together! She decided at the spur of the moment (as she tends to do) that she HAD to have a stuffed dragon. NOW. Only - she's never sewn something with a pattern before. :giggle: I walked her thru how to trace the pattern, how to lay it out on the fabric, how to cut.....I'm having her baste the back and head because it has spikes AND she added wings (it's actually a dinosaur pattern from the garage sale.) She can't wrap her brain around why you sew things inside-out, so I keep having to calm her down - but she is SEWING. Hearthie, this is ALL your fault! :lol:

I've been puttering with the serger. We got it out last week (or so) to finish the edges of the tanks I made her, only the blasted thing wouldn't work. I have been doing a LOT of thinking about sewing....I love french seams, I love the thought of couture sewing - but I also know ME. And my life.....and guys, serged seams are FINE. Especially on the things I am making right now - simple house dresses. I will do finer sewing on nicer stuff - later, when I'm more comfortable with the whole sewing thing - but for now? I have a serger, and I might as well use it.

In the same vein, I am about to cut out muslin a size 40. Again, I've put a lot of thought to it - this dress is supposed to be a bit loose. I was trying to go for a more fitted look - which is fine, but not for THIS. The pattern wants 4" of going up to the next size, I should end up with 2" of ease.....enough for the bust, and maybe the hips. (The hips might need a little more tweaking. We'll see - it looks OK in the paper, but fabric is different.) And hey - it's practice, right? I NEED more practice! (And then I have to do.....:shudder:....buttonholes. Hey - I have 3 muslins to practice on! :lol:)

Anyway, off to calm Herself down. She's practiced seaming on the Rocketeer, now she gets to sew her toy. Pictures later!

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