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Pics or it didn't happen!


Previous Entry Pics or it didn't happen! Aug. 10th, 2015 @ 03:45 pm Next Entry
Um....I hate photos of myself, because I feel like I look silly. Please ignore my face - I was facing the sun, and had left my sunglasses in the house. Herself took the photo...she's OK, but not the best photographer. Ah, well - you're here for the dress, right?

geometric dress worn

I like it! I'm debating whether I need to tighten the waist any - I can easily pinch an inch on each side - but it's comfy as is. It's neat.....but I wonder if it's a bit frumpy. :shrug: As I said, I LIKE it.

Changes made: Not that many, actually. I cut a 40 out. When sewing it up, I went from 5/8" seam allowances to 1/4" seams at the bottom of the waist, to give me a little more "swish" at the hips. I added fusible interfering to the 2 fronts. I used actual buttons WITH buttonholes on the front, instead of the decorative snaps the pattern called for. I used a contrast fabric on the neckband, and added contrast fabric to the pockets (the pattern called for rick-rack only). I'm not totally happy with the green, but it was all I had in the stash that even came close to working. I also added snaps to the top of the pocket - it seems to be a common problem to have the top flop outward and look goofy.

Things learned: Buttonholes! I have a buttonhole attachment (the Singer "Professional" buttonholer) for my machine; it took a bit of playing around to get it working correctly. It did 8 perfect buttonholes, then quit.....I have 11 buttons. 9 and 10 are....um......interesting; 11 is perfect. I think I need to oil it.

I also hand sewed the hem....honestly? It wasn't that much of a chore. Normally, I'd have slapped that sucker on the machine, but I had already put so much into it I decided to do it right. I'm glad I did.

I'll be sewing more of this pattern - it went together relatively quickly, and was mostly easy. The neckband was the trickiest part - and it wasn't THAT tricky, just a bit fiddly in the corners. The sleeves were also a bit tricky, but that's because my machine is cabinet-mounted; no free arm here! I've learned how to sew them, though, thanks to the bags I've made. :lol:

Next up, however, is a dress for Herself. :sigh: She chose a PROM dress pattern (a Simplicity vintage re-issue), for taffeta and net fabrics :ugh:, with a poofy skirt :Ugh!:.....but she wants it in COTTON. :bangs head: It's disgusting - she's a perfect pattern size 12. :rofl: I have the bodice cut and sewn, but. The pattern wanted 60" fabric; we bought 40". So....I scrapped the skirt and am doing a 3-panel dirndl. I have the panels gathered, sewn and serged, I just need to attach them to the bodice, insert an invisible zipper :gulp!: and add the trim. And hem it. Not difficult...but......:ugh: I want to finish it tonight/tomorrow so I can move on to something else. Like more dresses or tops for me - I NEED decent clothes.

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