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I sewed a muslin of the Shelley bra. It went together pretty easily (um. When *you* sew up a bra, please make sure you *reverse* the 2nd cup pieces. My muslin...has 2 right cups. So the left cup is inside out. :bangs head:) - I had an issue with the straps, but the actual assembly was relatively painless. It took me a little less than 1 hour to cut the muslin and assemble it (sans the hooks and elastic.)

I then started cutting out the real fabric. The power net? Easy-peasy. I have enough of it left for 3 or 4 more bras. (!) The duoplex knit? The cup and front band and strap fabric? Rolls. I ironed the crap right out of it...and it STILL rolls. I sewed each of the cup seams at least 3 times, because I wanted them as perfect as I could get them, and the sucker would roll and get caught in the seam. It took me about 1.5 hours to sew the cups together. :sigh: I am now at the straps - and I am lost.

See, the pattern says, "sew 2 straps together along 1 long edge". OK, got that. Then, "Press so the back piece does not show on the front". Um - what? The line drawings don't help - it looks like they just pressed the seam. The next line is: "This sewn edge will be the edge closest to the neckline".

If I turn it so the raw edges are enclosed, the strap isn't wide enough to fit the cup. If I press the seam to the back, it's the same thing. (Let's not even get to the other side of the strap, which is also open. I don't see ANY mention of it at all in the instructions. :sigh:)

I sent an email to the designer, so I'm stalled for now. Still, this is just a minor blip - the pattern (other than this) is well-written, and it's been easy to follow. And the cups? Are GORGEOUS. I am excited over this! :lol:

I screwed up, though. The BravoBella kit did NOT include any sliders or I am going to tear apart an old bra and use those. :shrug: I'll know better for next time - and there WILL be a next time. :lol:

Need to hem up Herself's dress, and put the bows on it. I'm trying to decide if I want to cut out another dress for me, or if I want to wait until next week. We'll see.....

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