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Busy, busy, busy!

Sorry about the radio silence - been sewing up a storm! Finished a dress on Friday, and wore it today. Here, have a few photos:

Dress - polka dots right

Dress - polka dots left

The kids are at Granny's, so SG was kind enough to snap a few photos. I gotta say, I LOVE this dress! So do others - we ran up to Wally World to grab some interfacing, and a customer walked by while I was waiting at the cutting counter. "OH! I LOVE that dress! It's SO CUTE!" she gushed as she walked by. :giddy: First time I've gotten a compliment on something I've made myself from a total stranger! :giggle:

Changes made: The pockets are circles, not diamonds. I grabbed a saucer to use as a template - it worked. :grin: I also added a button on the collar this time - I think it looks nice. The buttons are larger - they're black, which I'm not really happy with, but it's all I had in the size and number I needed. :shrug: They work, so I probably won't change them out. I think for the next version of this dress I'll change the neckline to a more sweetheart-ish one. And maybe leave the pockets off. We'll see.

Granny gave me her cutting table - it's NICE. I'm not leaning over while I cut or trace any more! I honestly do NOT have the room for it, but....we will make the room. SG is impressed - he wasn't happy with me as I loaded it up yesterday, but then we got it home and I set it up. Now, he's trying to figure out how to get me some more room.

I spent last night whipping up a muslin for a new shirt, and today I sewed 1 up. It's the leftovers from my Walk-Away dress, and it's CUTE. I have 2 more fabrics laid out, and will cut them soon - I need more sleeveless shirts. Ones that are more modest than the $1 WallyWorld tanks I have. :lol: The one I just finished has sleeves, but I don't have enough of the other fabric to do sleeves, so sleeveless it is. I think I have enough of the polka-dot fabric for a top...:grin: Now that I've figured out what I need to do to get the patterns to FIT me (well, mostly. :lol:), I am going gang-busters on new clothes.

Time for a very late lunch, then it's back to the cutting table. I'll try to do a photo-shoot when I finish...but I may not model them all. We'll see - my current photographer is busy doing landscaping. :rofl:

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