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Well....that was fun... NOT.

Spent the morning in the ER. About 5:30 AM I was hit with excruciating pain on my right side, and an urgent need to...well, pee. Only, I couldn't. And the pain got worse. I was pretty sure it was a kidney stone - I've had 2 already, years and years ago - and know the drill. Push fluids, take pain meds, not much else you can do.

Only, the pain got *worse*. To the point I was writhing around on the bed, crying. I think SG realized something was very wrong when I threw up........he got up, did the goats, then took a shower, THEN took me to the ER. (I.....can laugh about it now, but it wasn't very funny at the time. Seriously - no one cares if you take a shower, and the goats really could have waited. They wouldn't have been *happy* - we didn't get home until a little after 12 - but still.)

The ER was actually great this time - they got me back in a room within 10 minutes, had an IV in, and were pushing pain meds within 45 minutes. They put a catheter in - because I begged - without an argument (that was part of the pain. I needed to go, but couldn't.) They did a CT scan, which showed a 5mm stone. When the doc told us this, SG said "5mm? That's SMALL." I think the entire hospital gasped in shock at that...the doc was at a loss for words. I said "Well, so are the TUBES the thing is STUCK IN." :ugh:

I have 5 prescriptions, and am pushing water. I hurt - but have pain meds. That - so far! - haven't caused a reaction. And anti-nausea meds. Also an antibiotic and a pill that makes the tubes relax so that the stone has a little more room to pass thru. Fun stuff......

I was going to post photos of the 2 dresses and 1 top I finished yesterday, but...oh, well. :lol: Later. Right now I am going to take a pill, and try to get comfy. It's not like the dresses are going anywhere.

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