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Photos- so you can see how productive I was!

:heh: before I got sick, anyway. I'll put the behind a cut, since I have *11* photos to share!

These first 2, you've already seen, but it was flat, not ON a body. I put them on Kat today so you can see how they fit:

Sewing - blue plaid top

Sewing - cherry top

Here's a closeup of the sleeve treatments - I have a point to make. :lol:

Sewing - cherry sleeve

This is the "flutter sleeve" version. I like it, but I think the cherry fabric is a bit stiff for this. Still, it works, it's cute, and it's actually kinda flattering on.

Sewing - bias tape bad

This is the sleeveless version - I used the machine to attach the bias tape, and....well, it's UGLY. It works, but I'm not happy with it. I'm not UNhappy enough to rip and re-do; this is a hang-out-around-the-house-because-it's-hot top. Still....

Here's the 3rd and 4th tops; I finished them this week:

Sewing - purple plaid top

Same as the blue plaid, only this is a purple version. The fabric has a sort of "bubble" woven in; it's very cool and airy. I did the bias tape the "right" way this time; I machine sewed it on the inside, then flipped it and hand-sewed it down on the front. Look at the difference:

Sewing - bias perfect

MUCH better - more work, but...I think it's worth it. I'll be doing this from now fact, I just bought a complete set of bias-tape makers off of eBay (direct from China...yeah, but ALL the ones in the local stores are from China. I'm just saving a TON of money on them by buying direct. Yeah, I have to wait...but the savings? I got 4 for $9. Hobby Lobby wants a minimum of $6 EACH. I'm in no rush....)

Sewing - linen top

This top is from the leftovers from Dress #4. The bias tape along the neckline...well, it was machine-sewn. Need I say more? :sigh: Again, it's not worth it to ME to re-do it, but I'll be doing it correctly from now on. And see how the sleeve sits? This fabric is a bit softer, and drapes much better.

Now, Dresses! # 3 and #4 of the 1944 Housedress from Decades of Style:

Sewing - indigo dress full

This one has turned out to be my favorite (so far) - the fabric is one of the $5/bolt ones. I LOVE this dress - I've already worn it 3 times, and it's going to get a LOT more wear. I have about 10 yards of this fabric left.....I'm working on the 1950's Diamond dress (again...more on THAT in a bit) for this fabric, in fact!

Sewing - indigo dress

Closeup of the fabric. It feels like a linen-blend, with maybe a little bit of spandex/lycra - it's just slightly stretchy. It's a little rough, like a nubbly-linen weave, but I honestly have no idea of the fiber content. I changed the neckline to a more sweetheart one, and I LOVE it. Once again with the machine-sewn bias tape.......ah, well. Live and learn! The buttons were from the stash - I thought the metal gave it a bit of a blue jean vibe. Oh, and the pockets are square this time.

And, dress #4:

Sewing - linen dress

This is my favorite of the fabrics - it's a linen/rayon blend. LOVE it - it's so soft, and light, and airy. When I saw the fabric, I had visions of tea parties and garden parties and soft summer evenings....why yes, I DO have an active imagination! :lol:

Sewing - linen dress closeup

Yes, it's a floral print, but I actually like it - it's not overbearing. Just sweet. The pink was a nice touch - I would have preferred a soft blue, but the pink was in the stash. The buttons are old; they don't feel like plastic, but they are definitely some sort of plastic/resin. I did the same neck as on the indigo one, and left the pockets off (again with the garden party idea. Don't need pockets at a party!) I need a pretty sunhat now, and some lacy gloves. :lol:

And yes, I am going to attempt the Diamond dress again. I gave it a lot of thought while sewing the last 2 1944 dresses; I think one of the problems I was having was because I was trying to OVER fit it. This is another housedress - it's supposed to fit loosely, not snugly. And I checked the finished looks like it's the same size/ease as the 1944 dress, which means I don't need to Frankenstein it.

So. I have re-traced the pattern, in a size 40 (same as the 1944 dress). I am concerned about the insets, but am going to take it SLOW. Yes, I am doing a muslin, but I THINK the only thing I need to do is a sway-back adjustment. Still, muslin. I REALLY want to get this pattern nailed, because I want 1 in the indigo fabric (with the dark blue contrast), I want one in the original black cherry with green, and 1 in the brown paisley fabric I have, with.....maybe a soft orange or old gold contrast.

Off to cut the muslin...wish me luck!

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