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So. How's life treatin' ya?

Busy, here. I'm in the middle of planning out 2015/16...yeah, I'm slow this year. However, I have an excuse: We were slogging thru Chemistry until last week, Himself decided a few weeks ago that he simply could NOT stand to read another book by that author, and I had to wait for the new books to come in. Plus, he wanted something different for History......

Here's what our 2015/2016 school year looks like: (for the record, he's a Sophomore)

Torah: Still doing TorahClass. We're nearing the end of Deuteronomy; we'll be moving onto Joshua when we finish. TorahClass doesn't have any books past Deuteronomy, but Mr. Bradford has his class lectures neatly typed up and available for download. I printed out all of his Joshua ones and spiral-bound them, then went thru with sticky-flags and scheduled it out.

Science: This year it's Physics. I'm doing the course laid out at - a homeschool mom compiled it, and was nice enough to share. It', so I might be doing some re-arranging later on, but for now it looks like 1 chapter per week, with labs and worksheets. I'm very grateful someone else put this all together, because *I* would not have gotten as in-depth.

History: We are departing from the norm this year, and doing an Architecture thru History thing. iTunes U has an actual *course* that I am using as the base; I am adding in NOVA documentaries (and some episodes from "Engineering an Empire" as they fit) to flesh it out and make it a bit more fun. It's not exactly what he had in mind (this is History OF Architecture), but he said it sounds cool. *whew*. Next year...who knows? I have a Great Courses World History course that I might push...we'll see.

Math: Right now, we're working our way thru Khan Academy's Trig lessons. I am in NO rush for him to get to Calculus, and the review has been good - he's been stumped a few times on things Khan expects him to know that Life of Fred didn't cover. At some point, though, we WILL be moving on to Life of Fred: Calculus......pray for me, guys. :lol:

Hebrew: Still working our way thru the Hebrew Podcasts. I'm not sure we'll ever get *fluent*, but we are starting to understand a little. Enough that we get the gist of the conversation, which is good.

Latin: Um. Yeah. Probably....not. Or we'll re-do Latin 101 again. We'll see......

Language Arts: The 1 blank area I have. I think we're going to start out with Shakespeare - I have a documentary on his life - then we'll pick a play (probably "Taming of the Shrew") to do an in-depth study on. We'll compare it to "Kiss Me, Kate" (musical. Hey, that's Art & Music!! :lol:)....then we'll pick a novel. Not sure what, exactly....but....we'll do *something*.

I think, for "Enrichment" I'm going to see if I can get him to sew. See, he's decided that he HAS to have a Jedi costume for Dec. 18. I'm cool with that....but. IF he wants to start costuming, HE'S going to have to be prepared to do it himself. :nods: Sewing is a good skill to have - and I have a plethora of machines right now (my Rocketeer, Herself's modern Singer, Herself's Bernina, Himself's Featherweight....); granted, some of them need to be looked at, but we HAVE machines. I can give him the basics, then turn him loose......

Guess I need to get back to planning Physics. :sigh: Ah, well - I only have to do this once a year. After that, it's open-and-go...which *I* like. Makes my life SO much easier!

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