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Busy weekend!

First up, H - Thank You! I LOVE that'll be seeing it again. And again - I still have at least 6 yards. :lol:

Recap: Saturday we went to the local airport for an Airshow and History lesson - the British Flying Tigers Museum was hosting the airshow. It was fun, although we didn't see the promised WWII re-enactors. :sigh: I wanted to see what they did, to see if *we* wanted to get involved. Ah, well - we got to see WWII-era planes, a Cold War-era Hind helicopter, a MiG.....and we talked to the flight school there. Himself thinks he might want to try to get his pilot's license ($7K. :gulp!:), so he had a lot of questions (you need 40 hours of flight time, with 10 being solo). The pilot offered to take both kids up if I'd pay they can see if they even LIKE flying. going to take him up on it, when I can budget something for fuel.

Yesterday I cut another diamond dress out. In the cherry fabric. And started working on it. All it needs is the insets inserted, the sleeves attached, then the zip and facings attached. :gulp: It is SO CUTE!!!!! Pics will be forthcoming!

Gotta skitter - school time, then we wait for the refrigerator repairman. Again. This is #3. :sigh:

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