Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Is this thing on?

Sorry for the radio silence; it's been quiet around here. Not a whole lot going on - and I haven't had the urge to babble. :sigh: Let's see....

Herself had a full mental work-up last week; it took *3* hours. She got frustrated a few times, but that's OK. Since it's for SSI, I'm glad she started to melt-down; as a Mom, I'm not. It's....tough. but she did it, and now we wait. :sigh:

I finished the mindless socks (SG immediately claimed them; there was a "crazy sock" contest at his work, and he won $5 at the Company Store for them. :shrug: I was OVER them, and wasn't thrilled with how the colors were striping, so it's all good. Plus, I think I *wanted* someone else to have them - I accidentally knit them 1" too long for my foot. :snicker:) I finished Companion sock #1 and have the 2nd started. I do NOT like knitting with beads; I like the result, but the actual knitting? :ugh:

Um......oh! I have cut out the covers for the tailor board and sleeve board. I need to get some cotton batting to pad them, but the covers are ready to be sewn. I even have elastic for them! :lol: And I have enough fabric left to make a new cover for the full-size ironing board. (Why I am so into "matchy-matchy" right now, I don't know....but whatever. I like the plaid, and it was in the stash. cost of almost $0.)

Today I made a batch of soap - but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a FAIL batch. I took some advice to heart and decided to up the scent......only this scent accelerated the saponification process. Normally, I get the batter to "pancake batter" consistency, then swirl and pour. THIS batch? Skipped pancake and went straight to "bread dough" consistency. :sigh: I beat it into submission,'s UGLY. I had to glop it into the mold, instead of pouring it ( wasn't going to pour. I literally had soap-on-a-stick!), then glop in the 2nd color.....which was brown. I won't go into detail, but if you're a fan of Cake Wrecks, just think brown icing. :giggle: Granted, it SMELLS divine! - but.....I think I have a batch of personal/laundry soap here. :Sigh: Ah, well - it happens to be my favorite scent, so it's good....just not Good.

Off to start school. I'll try to be better on the blogging front...but life's boring right now. (Boring is Good! Really!)

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