Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Star Wars Day!

I'm pretty sure by now that everyone has seen the trailer. Um...I have reservations.

You need to understand, I've been a Star Wars fan since 1977. I own most of the DVD's - the original trilogy (3 or 4 versions), the prequel trilogy (DVD & Blu-Ray!), the Ewok Adventures, the Droids series, the original Clone Wars movie AND cartoon network series, and most of the Clone Wars series. Oh! And the Muppet Special AND the Christmas Special (that....shouldn't exist. In ANY universe.) We've watched all the new Droid Tales, the Yoda Chronicles, and Rebels episodes. And let's not discuss the EU books serieses, OK?

Anyway, BIG fan here. And...I have MAJOR reservations about this. Disney...well, Disney has a habit of ruining things.....they've already said they plan on releasing a Star Wars movie EVERY YEAR. :bangs head:

This? Looks good...but I can't help but be worried. Luke isn't on the official poster (WHAT?????? WHY NOT??????????:grrrrrrrrrrrrr:), Han has to re-tell the saga (UM. This is what - 30 years AFTER Jedi? That means that those who survived are STILL ALIVE. They are still telling the tales - WHY does Han have to explain things?????? The Rebels series is supposed to span the gap from Jedi to this.....and THEY know about the Jedi/Force and Empire..........)(I mean, we have eye-witness accounts to the Holocaust. I've WATCHED them. To claim that the SW Universe doesn't have something like that is inconceivable!)

Which leads me to another issue - I HATE being forced to watch a peripheral series in order to understand the new installment. Lucas started it with the Clone Wars cartoon; I had friends who didn't watch the "extras" (they felt it wasn't canon) and were totally confused when Revenge of the Sith came out; who the heck was Grevious? Why was he asthmatic? And why/how did Palpatine get captured?????? It isn't fair to those who aren't as plugged in......and Disney has gone overboard with that with Avengers/Agents of Shield. :sigh: And it looks like they may be doing that with Star Wars......

Yes, we WILL be seeing the movie - on Dec. 18, if possible (I refuse to pre-purchase tickets.). BUT...I have major reservations about it. I have hope (a "New Hope", if you will. :lol:), but I'm afraid the Disney Empire will Strike Back at me, and leave me not wanting to Return to the Universe that I have loved for Oh, so long.....(sorry. Only, not really!)

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