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I have Photos!

First up, I got a query on how my 10 (?!!!) year old Sodhopper boots are holding up (are they REALLY 10 years old?????) 1 word: FANTASTICALLY.

I don't have current pictures of them - they are in a storage box in the closet - but they are in really good shape. They've been worn - the first 5 years or so they were worn a good 5 months out of the year (mostly as fashion boots); the past 5 or so they've been worn 2 weekends/year plus a few days (as fashion boots). (Reminds me - I need to pull them out, it's getting to be boot weather again!). The leather has held up really, really well - minimal scuff marks, no bald patches. (As a comparison, my Catskill Mountain boots are a good 20+ years old; the sole is starting to pull away from the foot in a couple of places, and the piece on the heel has a wear hole. Again, they were worn a TON the first 10 years or so - we did Renn Faire for the full run (6 weeks, both days) and I wore them like normal boots.) The Sodhoppers haven't been worn quite as much - knee-high boots don't work with everything I own like the ankle boots do - but still, they've been worn.

Were they worth the $$$? YES. Would I spend it again? YES - if I had the funds. I LOVE them - and I DO wear them as everyday boots (but not so much the past 2 years; I discovered Bear Paw Uggs knock-offs. They are warmer, thanks to the fake fur lining. :lol:)

So, on to the update:

Herself is NOT having the nuclear thyroid test this week. Seems the Med. Center is NOT on our insurance, and we'd have to pay out of pocket. Um.....why do we pay the big bucks in premiums if it's not accepted????? :grrrrr: So, I've called the doc and they are supposed to be trying to find something else. :sigh: Her gyno visit today went well - the doc was nice, friendly, and wasn't upset that *I* was in there with her (she's over 18...normally that means that Mom is not really welcome, thanks to HIPPA. However....thanks to the Asberger's, Mom NEEDS to be there - both to "translate" her to the doc, and to take notes - because SHE won't remember anything, otherwise. :sigh: (I don't mind doing it,'s sad. She's technically an adult, but......maturity-wise and emotionally, she's about 8. Ah, well - she's my baby, and I love her, and I can be Mom for however long she needs me to be (that.....sounds weird, because I will ALWAYS be "mom"....but I think you know what I mean.) He switched out her BC pills, and said that this should all pass when we get her thyroid straightened out. :fingers crossed:


First up, the Sock of extreme color-blindness:

2015 Yaacov Sock

This is Yaacov, from "Op-Art Socks". The colors...didn't do what I intended; they are pooling when I thought I had dyed the blank to prevent that. Funny thing: see the part on the leg where the orange and blue go on and on? Well.....The colors actually SWITCHED; it started with A as orange and B as blue, then in a remarkable stretch A became blue and B became orange. Fun! Ah, well - this won't be the last pair I make in this pattern, and I love this sock anyway, so it's all good. I'm almost to the heel flap of #2.

My new knitting bag:

2015 Star Wars Bag

The main body came from 2 fat quarters. I LOVE this print - it looks like old pulp comic books. Way fun for a bag! (Not sure how you'd use it effectively in a quilt, but whatever. It works here!) Herself picked the secondary color as trim for a dress for her; the fabric I chose for this actually worked with her dress fabric better than it did this fabric, so we swapped. :lol:

2015 Star Wars bag inside

A shot of the inside, to kinda show how large it is. I have my sock project bag in there (because it's 2 balls of yarn that HAVE to stay in the same position thru out the knitting), a copy of the charts, the books the pattern is in, and a darning egg. There's a pocket inside, as well (the ugly on this one, but it works.) that holds all sorts of stuff (this one just has some spare change; usually I have a tape measure, a needle gauge, my darning needles, a nail file, and the darning egg in there. :lol:)

Herself wants an Avengers bag (and an Iron Man bag, AND a Dalek bag!), so I'll be making up a few more of these. They're easy, now that I've figured out the assembly - just a bit fiddly.

Himself FINALLY tried on a pair of old pants that he says has the correct fit for his Jedi outfit, so I will FINALLY be able to sew those up tomorrow (I am fighting an extreme headache today. Lack of sleep is the culprit; not only did SG and the rest of us have words yesterday, but Loki has decided that since it's cold outside he HAS to sleep as close to me as possible. Oh, and the bed is actually his, so I need to move over to give him room to stretch out. :sigh: Add to it that tomorrow is our anniversary...oy! Ah, well.....I have a batch of cinnamon rolls rising in the fridge, so at least breakfast is taken care of. Tuesday's are usually Sonic night (1/2 price Cheeseburgers!), so I know what dinner will be (and I am perfectly OK with that.)

Back to nursing my head!

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