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We're fine!

Coming home today, about 15 miles from the homestead, I noticed it was getting...foggy. Let me back up a minute: for the past week or so, every afternoon at about 3:30, it has clouded up and threatened rain. Complete with thunder and lightning!

So, I was not too concerned by the....fog. Until I noticed no dampness on the windshield. And the ..... fog was getting thicker. And darker. And thicker. So, I rolled down my window.

Smoke. Thick, nasty smoke. Coming from the vicinity house. Gulp.

It hadn't been mentioned on the news channels. The smoke was getting thicker the closer I got to home. And blacker. And smellier.

As I got closer to the house, I realized that the smoke was on the other side of the freeway. You could see the flames over the trees from the daycare. (2.5 miles from my house)

Turns out, it was a lightning strike on Creative Containers, just outside of town. The building is gone. Totally. Wiped Out.

So, we are still surrounded by smoke. the fire is out, finally.

Plus, it rained earlier today (which probably prevented the fire from spreading). My creek is now out of it's banks.

But, WE are OK.

I think I need a stiff drink.....
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