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Short Update....

Let's see.....we skipped all the Black Friday horror, but did do a little shopping on Saturday. Mostly for SG - he decided he NEEDED a PS4. And Battlefront. He's been watching Himself play it on his first, he wanted a Windoze gaming laptop.....I reminded him that he HATES MS with a passion. This....well, it's sorta scratched *that* itch. For now.

He got the Battlefront edition (NOT the Star Wars was $50 more, which wasn't a concern - but the GameStop we were at didn't have any in stock. The Battlefront edition came with Battlefront (duh!) and 4 older Star Wars games to download.), and he's a happy camper. At the moment...

Yesterday was Hanukkah prezzie shopping. We are at about 60% for both kids; seeing how we were at 0 when we started, this is pretty good! :lol: Yes, both kids know what they're getting...but they don't know which gift will come on which night. :snicker: And...we needed the input. Herself is getting mostly plushies (Build-A-Bear. We scored the Halloween Werewolf for her - FINALLY! - so I don't have to listen to the whining any more. :whew!:); Himself is getting Legos. Star Wars kits, natch. And the Battlefront Season Pass.

I got my birthday present - a Fitbit Charge HR. I have a Flex right's....OK. It isn't very accurate; it loses about 25 steps out of every 100. :sigh: And all it does is track steps and miles. The Charge HR does that (but with more accuracy, supposedly), plus is monitors your heart rate, it has a watch built in, and it can be set up with caller ID. (Whatever. I want the watch!) I've put it up until my B-day, though...because I like getting presents. :lol:

My Hanukkah prezzie? A check. I have a spiral notebook with my wish lists (categorized, even! WITH website info!), but no, SG doesn't want to mess with it. He claims he's not sure he'd pick the "right", if they're on a list, they're "right". :sigh: and :lol: I'll be picking up some patterns, fabric, and attachments for the Rocketeer. I've already bought the first present, though - I renewed our Perot membership. They had a Cyber-Monday discount today - 25% off! How could I wait?? :lol: (And how funny is it that *my* present is a family membership? :snicker:) I'll be purchasing the patterns probably Wednesday (the check will be deposited tomorrow); the fabric shopping will happen next Monday, I think. I want to hit the Outlet Stores again. There's some books and CDs I want, but they can wait - I need new pants! :lol:

I almost got a puppy......the ASPCA has an area set up at the mall. :sigh: They had the CUTEST Blue Heeler girl yesterday..she looked just enough like Snips that 3 of us melted. (Himself was the sane one.) We managed to leave her there....but it was hard. (Repeat after me: "We do NOT need another dog. We do NOT need another dog. We do NOT.....)

Anyway, back to school for us. Hope your holiday was a good one! I have enough leftovers to feed us for another week, I think......

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