Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Another day,

at least we haven't had any crises-es lately. We had to take Riley and Chloe to the vet yesterday (together, this time.) I had hoped that Chloe would keep Riley from freaking out...nope. He still watered the clinic. :sigh: Chloe tried SO HARD to kiss everybody's faces.....I got a major arm workout holding her back.

Riley is allergic to fleas. Chloe...well, we're not sure what's going on with her, but she's been coughing for weeks, now. Both got steroid shots, and we took home 6 doses of Bravecto. At $50/each. :EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!) On the plus side, the vet gave me rebate coupons for all 6 - we are supposed to get $30/each back. :fingers crossed:

Let's see....the Jedi robes are 90% done. Just need to hem them. Himself...says the tunic is a little too....little. :sigh: So. I think I'll be picking up another 3 yards of fabric and some RIT dye. Herself wants to go as a Dark Side, I'll dye this one and whip another one up for Himself. Win/Win.

Been getting packages in. :lol: So far, I've gotten the Menorah mold (needs straps before we start pouring) and a Deluxe Monogrammer for the Rocketeer. I have on order the templates for it (well, for the Kenmore Monogrammer, which is supposedly the Same Unit. We'll see), some tailor's chalk, 3 CDs, and patterns. Wearing History's WWII Homefront Overalls, Mrs. Depew's 1940's French Bra, and Decades of Styles's 1940's Empire Trousers, 1920's Kimono, and 2 Apron patterns. I'm dithering on Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans and Caroline PJ's......we'll see. We're going to the fabric outlets on Monday, so I'm saving my $$ for that. :lol:

Gotta go get started - after school I have to pick up hay, then we have to run to Sam's. Fun times! Shabbat Shalom!

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