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Dad took a turn last night.....I got there around 8:30-ish, and he was rather out of it. His breathing was horrible, his lungs were full of fluid....and the nurse asked about a DNR. I called my brother, and he came straight out. Long story short, they intubated him this AM. His BP dropped to 30/50 (he had a reaction to the sedative)....and now he's sedated, on a breathing tube and feeding tube, and...well, it doesn't look good.

Granted, he *could* get better. But...the nurse is very blunt, and told us to be prepared. So.....:sigh:

I finished the Sherlock socks. Here - have a photo of them on the questionable ICU waiting room floor:

2015 Sherlock Socks finished

I have started a mindless pair....because we are still going to the ICU all day. I have tomorrow AM, and I need something to work on that I don't have to worry about keeping track of a pattern. He's going to be sedated for the near future (as long as the tube is in), so......

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