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Quick one...

We're fine! The tornados tore up the SH near us, but veered off before hitting our town. We got lots of wind, very little rain (Saturday, anyway), and - so far as we can tell - no damage. We were lucky!

Sunday was wet and cold. Yesterday was COLD. Today, it's colder. Just what I needed...

My knitting mojo is gone. It'll be back, but for now I simply can't knit. I have been far, all the countertop appliances are covered and I have 2.5 new oven mitts. (Soon to be 3 - just have to cut the batting and lining fabric.) Oh - and I have 2 new aprons. :shrug:

We're easing back into school this week. We've also been obsessing over Star Wars...we'll be back at the theater tomorrow. (Again. :lol:)

The service is Saturday at 11.

Back to my den's COLD outside!

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