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Goodbye, 2015 -

don't let the door hit ya on the way out! Hello, 2016! May you be better than 2015!

Figured I'd list my goals for 2016, and do a quick recap of 2015. Let's see, in 2015:

1. I managed to finish 13 pairs of socks last year - which isn't bad, but isn't as good as I'd hoped. (Granted, 1 pair was kilt hose for Himself, which should probably count as 2. Or maybe 3. :lol:)

2. I NAILED sewn dresses and skirts. I made 6 dresses for me, 1 for Herself, and a skirt for Herself. All of them FIT, and all of them are worn. :win!:

3. I managed to cover all the small appliances in the kitchen (we live in a very dusty area; we have 6 dogs and a large pet door near the kitchen. 'Nuff said.) Yesterday I knocked out a case for my MacBook - I think I'm on a roll. :lol:

4. I sewed 5 oven mitts - 2 were presents, 3 were for me. Also necessary, as I have a dog that thinks oven mitts and potholders are tasty. :sigh:

5. I got Herself knitting. I think this is what I am the most proud of....

So, that was 2015. For 2016, I'd like to:

1. Master sewing pants. I *need* pants, and RTW simply doesn't fit me. So...that's the main goal.

2. Make dust covers for the printers, and for Herself's iMac (at least. Himself has already veto'd a cover for his gaming rig. :sigh:)

3. Knit more socks. And hats. :lol:

4. Weave. I didn't weave 1 pick in 2015, and that needs to change. This will involve cleaning and reorganizing the Studio, but....I NEED to weave.

5. Learn to sew knit fabric. I have seen a TON of cute sewn sweaters - the thought of a nice cardigan in a couple of hours is VERY tempting! But...I need to master knit fabrics.

6. Perfect bra-sewing. I really need to update my undergarment drawer (and Herself's), and honestly? It's cheaper to make them myself. I just need to DO them......

7. Learn how to clean/maintain my sewing machines. I simply can't afford the $125 starting I need to learn to DIY. To this end......Dad had a sewing machine at his house. It's now in mine....I have NEVER seen it before, nor has Mom, so it's going to be my guinea pig. I figure...there's no sentimental value there, there's no monetary investment on my end, so if I manage to kill it...well, no loss. If I can clean it and get it running smoothly, then I have a 3rd machine (for Himself, maybe? It's in a nice cabinet), and I can tackle Herself's Bernina. :win/win:

8. Handle Dad's stuff. I......I have no idea where to begin. (Besides with the will.) His's full. of. stuff. I need to find someone who will come out and clean the house out for us....but I don't even know what to google. Salvation Army will come out, but the stuff has to be bagged.....there's......yeah. I don't have the time (nor does my brother) to do that. :sigh: Need to figure out something - any ideas? (And when I say "full"...I MEAN Full. It looks like he quit washing clothes, and just bought more....without disposing of the "old" stuff. There's.....a LOT of stuff. It's...sad, and frightening. :shudder: And for the record, he refused all help. We tried.)

9. Make "real" Jedi robes for the kids (and maybe me) - I have until May 2017.....:lol: I need to order some silk noil from Dharma Trading so they can be "authentic". (Yup. We're *those* kind of fans here. :snicker:)

I think that's enough for now.......

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