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Pics or it didn't happen!

First up, though - please add my friend Cynthia to your prayer list. She was admitted to the hospital Monday with a blood clot and fluid in the lungs. She was released today....but I'm still worried. I have told her that she is NOT allowed to get terminal right now; if she does, I will drag her back and it won't be pretty. :weak grin: I can NOT deal with that right now......:sigh:

Anyway. I have been busy this year, already. Before you scroll down....I know what you're going to think. You're going to think I am crazy and should maybe be visited by the lovely men in white coats. wouldn't be totally wrong....:lol:

It all started with my KitchenAid mixer. I've mentioned this before - we live in a very dusty area. We have 6 dogs. And a pet door. (Because I'm lazy conscious of my dogs' comfort. I don't want them to have to wait to go outside and bark at leaves at 2 AM. :rofl:) This leads to a LOT of dust and dirt in the house...and I finally got tired of washing out the mixer bowl every single time I wanted to bake something. The last trip to the fabric outlets netted me a lovely yard of a vintage-y print - just enough, I thought, to cover the small appliances in the kitchen. I was almost right.....a quick trip to the local Wally-world took care of the coffee maker, and I re-did the toaster to match it (so it would look planned. :lol:)

Here's the espresso maker and coffee maker:

2016 appliance covers

The KitchenAid is in the same fabric as the espresso maker (LOVE the print!); the toaster matches the coffee maker. (That print makes me happy - it looks like my Fiestaware.) Each cover is lined with the pre-quilted fabric, to give it body and to hide the seams.

Only...then I started looking around. We have 3 printers.....all of which are constantly covered in a thin layer of dust. So.......out came the Star Wars fabric. :lol:

The laser jet is a black-and-white printer, so I thought the black-and-white Force Awakens fabric fit. (Why yes, my brain IS an interesting place!):

2016 LJ printer cover

The all-in-one printer and photo printer got bright, original trilogy fabric:

2016 color printer covers

I didn't get a photo, but my MacBook has a cover in both these prints; the color print is the outside and the B&W is the lining. Why Star Wars? Because our desk has become a Star Wars Fan Art center. And a Dr. Who center, but there's not a lot of cute DW fabric locally. :rofl: (Shoot, I forgot to get photos of my new pinnies/aprons! 1 is Dr. Who and the other is SW - Empire blueprints. Later!)(Also, the red kitchen island is now my sewing center. The serger lives there, along with my pressing tools, thread, and buttons. I try to use things outside the box...and this was perfect for this application. And it was free! :lol:)

Next up: covers for the iMacs. Herself wants Pokemon fabric (the local JoAnn's had some, but were out yesterday.); SG wants Star Wars fabric, but with Boba Fett. I found 1 print online - he's going to have to order a yard so I can get started. Himself has said absolutely NOT, No Way will he allow me to cover his gaming rig.....we'll see how long that lasts. :rofl: I have enough of the quilted fabric to do all 3, and still have some left over (I love JoAnn's coupons. I had a 50% off one yesterday, so I scored 4 yards of fabric. AND they were already almost 1/2 the price the local Wally-world wanted for the same stuff! :weird: So, I got 4 yards for about $1.50 MORE than I would have spent on *1* yard at Wally-world. Not bad!)

In other project news, I have started on pants. But..not the way I had originally planned. There's a couple of companies out on the 'net that sell custom-drafted patterns for pennies. 1 is Lekala (Russian, with an American site), the other is Bootstrap Fashion. I had signed up with Bootstrap a few months ago, input my measurements and downloaded a free dress - but haven't sewn it yet, because it's a knit and...I don't have any fabric suitable for a knit dress. :shrug: I had honestly forgotten about them, until Saturday evening. They had sent me an email touting their latest sale (patterns for $1.19. $1.19!!!! They're normally $2.49, which is still darn cheap!)...and the first pattern in the email was for a coat that has the EXACT silhouette I've been looking for. (Sort of a 1940's swing coat/redingote vibe) For $1.19.

Well. I didn't really want to have a Paypal charge of $1.19, so I started browsing. They have a section called "Basic Blocks".....hmmmmm. I went, I saw.......and I now have a custom-drafted pair of pants. They are a basic sloper/block pattern, which is great - I can use this to customize ANY pants pattern (once I nail the fit on the block, of course.)

Pattern Review has good things to say about Lekala/Bootstrap, so I have high hopes. Herself and I taped the pages together this afternoon, and I'm going to start working a pair up in muslin tomorrow. If it goes well, I'll be tracing off my overall pattern and starting on them soon!

I'm off - I need to get supper sorted. Have a great one!

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