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Arrrrrrrrrrrgh! It's gonna be one of those days, I think...

My cellphone is MIA. I hope it's at home, but.....

I had it last night at dinner. I took Herself out - Himself is due home tonight, so us 2 girls went out for a nice dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant. Right after the waiter took our order, my cell rang.

It was daycare lady. With a question about a horse she just acquired. (Not from me - I tend to hoard my horses. As opposed to holding them.) I was a bit miffed - we had Just Ordered our food! And he had Just Delivered the Guacomole!!! Ah, well...

Last night's question concerned hooves - it seems this pony has a crack in one of it's hooves. I asked if it was lame - No, not a bit. OK. I told her not to worry over it - just paint the hooves with a)motor oil or b)Hoofmaker (which led to "Hoofmaker??? What's that???" *sigh*) In the wild, hoof cracks are a part of life - the horse lives with it, or they don't. Live, I mean. (And yes, motor oil works, and is cheaper than the equestrian products flooding the market. I'm full of little bits of trivia like this.....did'ya know that hydrolized lime will prevent proud flesh? And bacon grease can prevent scarring? Lots more where that came from....)

The kicker? She had already called her farrier and was waiting for him to call her back. *double sigh*

I don't mind questions - honestly, I don't. But, a question like this from someone who has owned horses (and competed on them! In Endurance!!)(per her) for's a bit annoying. Active owners (those who are on a budget and do most of the tending by themselves to save money) tend to pick up hints and tips like you pick up a lot of things on the circuit from other competitors....oh, well. I don't know her history, so I really can't say...but it's weird. *shrug*

ANYWAY, I finshed the call, and put the phone back in my purse - I think. I'm not sure.....I hazily remember sticking my phone in my pocket, but that may have been at the daycare, not the restaurant. The phone is NOT in the car - I called it this AM and the van didn't ring. Let's hope it's in the laundry hamper...

I am actually knitting today. Hurts like hell, but I'm knitting. Herself needs a lacy-valance-thing for her window, and I'm too cheap to go out and buy one when I have all this nice (icky) cotton yarn laying around. Her room is currently decorated in the "Unicorn" mode, with unicorn infested lavender curtains at the window. I'm making the panel out of horseshoe lace, which is a nice scallop-y pattern that fits right in with the theme. *gag*

The yarn is an ancient white-ish cotton (in between 8/2 and 10/2) that has a strand of metallic ribbon plied very loosely around it. (*very* loosely). It seems the metal is gold, rather than silver (which her curtains and bedspread are trimmed in), but I think it'll look ok. If not, my studio will have a new panel! *g*

The yarn isn't sturdy enough to weave with - it frays and snaps when you wave the shuttle at it - but it seems to be working for this. I'm knitting it on #9 Aeros - they are a little easier on my fried wrist than smaller, more appropriate needles would be. The fabric looks good to me - I'm only on row 4 (*g*) but it's not too stiff or limp feeling. Have to take it very slowly.....

Speaking of the wrist, TWC is sending me yet another doctor list so I can get someone new to look at the fried appendage. Maybe he'll be willing to amputate.....*sigh* (And only slightly joking)

Boss is doing *horribly*. He went in for surgery 7/5....had a lymph node and a tumor removed. Got a horrid infection, so went back to the hospital on 7/7, and got released on 7/10. He's now headed to the doctor - the infection is *worse*, he's fading, and we're biting our fingernails here.

Fun times, indeed!

ETA: Found the phone! It was buried in the van....if you have kids, you understand...*g*
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