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It's Photo Time!

This will be photo-heavy, so I'll be kind and put it behind a cut, OK? :lol:

First up, my aprons. I made these a few weeks ago but didn't get around to taking photos. So let's remedy that, shall we?

The pattern is "Apron from Val's Kitchen" from Decades of Style. It's a 1940's-era apron, and it's nice:

2016 Star Wars Apron front

2016 Star Wars Apron back

2016 Dr. Who Apron

(The first is the Star Wars Imperial Blueprint fabric, the 2nd is Dr. Who - mostly phrases from the reboot. Love both of 'em!)

Pretty simple to sew, and comfortable to wear. I left off the pockets, because a) I didn't have enough bias tape (the pattern called for 2 packages, which was *barely* enough to do the apron and strings. I have less than 2" left of tape, so if I do another apron, I'll need to buy 3) and b) pockets? I don't need no stinkin' pockets on an apron! :lol:

Yesterday I showed you my new-and-improved Overalls, so today I'll show you the insides, because V.2.0 is *pretty* on the inside! :rofl: I'll compare them to V.1.0, too, so you can see what a difference changing the sewing order made.

Ready? Let's dive in:

Let's start with the straps, on the inside. Here's V.1.0:

2016 overalls inside strap v.1.0

These were done pretty much as instructed, except I lined the inside of the bodice instead of using bias binding.

Here's V.2.0:

2016 overalls inside straps v.2.0

What a difference! This time, I assembled the bodice, the lining, and the straps, then pinned the straps inside the bodice "sandwich" (outside, straps, lining, with right sides together; the straps right side to the right side of the bodice). It's MUCH cleaner looking!

Here's the outside straps of V.1.0:

2016 overalls straps v.1.0

And V.2.0:

2016 overalls back strap v.2.0

Again, what a difference assembly makes! V.2.0 is much nicer looking, and I *think* it may be a stronger seam, as well.

Here's the button holes/facings, V.1.0 up first:

2016 overalls inside facing v.1.0

2016 overalls inside facing 2 v.1.0

And, V.2.0:

2106 overalls inside buttonholes v.2.0

You can see that V.1.0 has 2 sets of buttonholes, because of the way I sewed it. The instructions call for assembling the entire thing, THEN sewing on the facings, THEN doing the buttonholes. I did the buttonholes while I had the overalls still in pieces..which worked, but then I had to figure out how to do the facings., but it's ugly and hard to button up.

V.2.0 I did differently. I assembled the bodice, attached the belt to it, then sewed the center front and back seams of the pants and sewed the right outside leg seam (leaving the left outside seam and inseam unsewn. I then attached the pants to the belt, attached the facing and button band, did the buttonholes, THEN sewed the left outside seam and inseam. MUCH easier, and makes for a much nicer inside. I still had to wrangle a ton of fabric, but I was sewing flat instead of trying to sew a cylinder.

The button band on the left back was done in much the same way (I don't have a photo of V.1.0, sorry!) Here's V.2.0:

2016 overalls inside band v.2.0

Again, trust me - this is much cleaner and, dare I say it? Professional-looking. I didn't fold under the "raw" edge - that would have involved sewing thru 5 layers of denim, and...I didn't want to do that. I figure the serged edge is sturdy enough.

Also, on V.1.0 I used metal buttons; on V.2.0 I used "real" Jeans buttons (they are hammered on instead of sewn, and have a metal tube-shank. They shouldn't pop off at all!

The other difference - V.1.0 was sewn as a straight size 44. For V.2.0, I put my pants pattern pieces on a blank sheet of tracing paper, and traced off the outside seam from waist to about knee-level. I then slid it over 2", taped it, and cut on the marked line (so that I added 2" to the outside seam. Or, 1.5" with the seam allowance.) I did this on both the front and back pattern pieces, then I added a dart/tuck to compensate for the extra fabric - the pieces still had to fit on the belt band. I screwed up, though - when I went to sew the darts/tucks in, I doubted myself and made them narrower, meaning that I ended up with too much fabric when I went to sew on the belt. So....I added another tuck to both sides, which is why the front looks a bit "poofy". Live and learn! (This made the hips approximately 3" wider on each side. Not sure that's exactly how it sewed up, but it works.)

Oh! I also shortened each leg piece by 2". I'm a bit shorter than the pattern anticipated. :lol:

They work well - I can bend, I can milk, I can toss hay! So, even though I'm a little disappointed in the waist area, these are a win. I will wear them quite happily out here!

Gotta skitter - we have school. And errands. Have a great weekend, guys! Shabbat Shalom!

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