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Mail Call!

Today was a good day for mail, apparantly. Normally, I don't go to the post office - while it's not far from my house, distance-wise, it is very out of the way. I usually go once or maybe twice a week, unless I am expecting something (then I go maybe 4 times )

A friend of mine had offered to send me some dye samples and receipes for a color I am trying to replicate - French Blue. Cool, thought I - now I won't have to fiddle around and try to match the color, wasting (well, not really) yarn or fiber in the process.

It arrived today. Not only were the dye samples included, she added a *wonderful* dishtowel. In colors that work really, really well with my kitchen. Can you say stunned?

I don't want to *use* it, I want to create a shrine and place it therein. It's really really neat - striped. I'm trying to analyze it so I can copy it...1 stripe looks like a twill variation, the other is a checkerboard with weft floats in alternate squares.

My first impression is that it's threaded straight draw, but that's as far as I can get. I've only woven "easy" stuff - 2/2 twills, tabby, 1 overshot sampler, lots of log cabin, LOTS of twill plaids, plain-weave variations....but nothing with 2 distinct sections like this. I'm guessing it's done on 8 harnesses, but I am not sure. Guess I need to dig out my books and actually look for this..

I have a 4H floor loom (45" LeClerc), and a 12H table loom (16" LeClerc). Methinks there will be lots of sampling going on in the near future - I really need new dishtowels. I have no excuse - I have 4 Large cones of cotton suitable for it (that's why I bought them, oh those many years ago), in colors that will work with my kitchen.

Ah, well, must fondle the towel. And set up a movie - that way I'll at least get some spinning time in. Did maybe 1/2 of the tape - Herself decided to kick Himself in the face, right over the eye. No permanent damage, just a nice lovely purple-ish shiner. Sibling rivalry........such a joy!
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