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Yet another Photo-post!

Because this was a VERY busy weekend!

We woke up to 27* on Saturday. Poor Sam was *freezing*, and I had to do something. Friday I had tried to buy him a new sweater, but there were none to be found around here. What to do?

Well, I hit the craft department and found a pattern for a dog coat (I wanna call my new business "Dog Togs", because it just rolls off the tongue so well. :lol:), and some nice-looking fleece in colors that would look nice on Sam. I got home and traced off the pattern (because it's multi-sized, and I was hoping it would fit at least 3 of our dogs), then tried to tissue-fit Sam.

See, he's a McCall's "small"....sort of. I had to add 4" to the drop, and 2" to each of the front straps. Anyway...

Saturday AM I cut out the coat and whipped it up. It fits - really well! Only, Tigger looked at me, all cold and I measured her. Seems that the modified small fits her exactly. I dug out some denim scraps and whipped *her* up a coat (it has a fleece lining to keep it warm)

2016 Dog Togs Tigger and Sam

Then Loki got in on the "poor me" act...I don't have a photo of his coat, but it's a heavily modified Large (an aside: WHAT breed of dog is McCall's using for their sizing? Sam is small...fat, but small. Tigger...should be a small without any modifiers. Loki? I'd call him a Medium. Instead he's a very heavily modified Large - I had to add 2" to the end, and *8"* to the drop. The straps work with the addition, but the neck needs to be re-done; he's got such a broad chest that it doesn't really fit right.) It's also denim with a fleece liner.

Sunday AM I started dyeing yarn. My knitting mojo is still MIA, but my fingers are getting twitchy. (It's the current in-progress sock. I started it in the hospital, and the yarn colors are unfortunate.) There are 2 socks I really want to get to (errr....well, there's more than that in the queue, but..these 2 I *really* want to start.)...another pair of Yaacov for *me*, and Quantum Paratsox by the late, great Tsock Tsarina (her ideas about sock-knitting were innovative. And wild! She will be missed!). Only, Quantum Paratsox is a kit, and the yarn colors....are NOT going to be worn here in Dallas Cowboys territory (think Washington Redskins. :shudder: Not gonna happen! :lol:)

So. I fired up the dye pots, and ended up with this:

2016 Quantum Paratsox yarn

Bonus points if you get the reference to the colors. :rofl: (Think gaming. "You look so majestic, like an Eagle. Piloting a blimp." :snicker: "How are you holding up? Because I am a potato." :rofl:)

Then I pulled out 2 double sock blanks and started painting.

2016 Yaakov sock blanks

*IF* I figured it right and IF I painted the stripes the right widths, I'll end up with no overlaps. :fingers crossed: We'll see....

(You remember Yaacov, right? Here, let me refresh your memory:

2015 Yaakov Socks V.2.0

The yarn needs to have long stripes, and the crazier the colors, the better.) Yes, there are some blips and bleeds, but...I think this'll work. The colors are a LOT brighter than what my phone shows!

Then I sat down at the sewing machine and whipped up a cover for Herself's iMac:

2016 MLP iMac cover

:shakes head: She chose the fabric. It's her current of the joys of living with an Aspie. I am going to go's MLP, all the time. :shudder: I've seen worse shows, but......the voices! The voices are annoying!

Today was a bit boring - I traced off my bombacha pattern. I'll whip up a wearable muslin this's hoping! I've wanted some bombachas for *years* (from 1994!),'s the time. Then maybe my mojo will be back and I can bang out some new socks. I am always in need of new socks!

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