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Our tax dollars at work....

or how we spent the day yesterday. :sigh:

Backstory: I filed both kids tax returns on 1/14/16. They were accepted 1/15/16, even though the IRS said they weren't going to begin accepting them until 1/19/16. If you've never used the IRS website, there is a tab called "Where's My Refund?" that you can click to track your return's progress. Normally, you get a graphic with a meter with 3 slots - Received/Accepted/Refund (or some such).

Both kids' had the normal graphic until 2/1/16, then it suddenly changed to a message "Your return is still being processed. You will be updated when we get to it" (well, that's what it MEANS, not exactly what it says. :lol:). I was a little surprised, and concerned, because that hasn't happened before, so I went to google. I was a little relieved to see that others had gotten this same message, had checked with the IRS, and were told it was OK, it was due to the high volume of early filers.

On 2/5/16, Herself's had changed back to the graphic, with a direct deposit date of 2/8. Himself's still had the message. O.....K. Her money hit on 2/8, just like it said. Himself's didn't.

On Monday (2/10/16), it was 21 days from acceptance date - the "magic" day that you can call the IRS to check on things. I waffled a bit, then called around 1 PM. After *2* hours, I was told it was due to ID theft, and they needed to talk to Himself. I reminded them that he was *15*, then handed him the phone.

Now, he's a typical 15 year old boy - he took his brain out to play with at 13, and hasn't found it again. He couldn't remember our mailing address, he had NO idea which phone number to use (even though I had TOLD him both these things while I was on hold)....but he told the agent enough to convince him he was Himself, then told him to talk to me. :rofl:

Basically, I was told that because he was a minor they weren't sure what to do. He gave me the number to the ID protection department, with the note that he had NEVER, in all his years with the IRS, given this number out to a minor. :sigh: I called, and didn't even hold very long - the moment I said "15", I was told we had to go in to an IRS office to get this straightened out. :bangs head:

So. Yesterday we went. Got there at 9:30, finally saw someone at 1:30, left the office at 1:38. No, that's not a misprint - *8* minutes. I had his birth certificate, his SS card, an old school ID card with a very old photo of him, 2 forms of ID for me, his 2014 return, his 2015 return, and our 2014 and 2015 joint returns (to prove we took him as a dependent.) I told the nice agent that he had been filing a tax return since 2003....and she got a funny look on her face, because *usually* ID theft is flagged on minors because it's their first return. :sigh: She also said that his return had NOT been flagged as ID theft, so she really had no idea what the hold up was, but she filed out the forms throughly and said it should fix things, because they had confirmed that he was Himself, he WAS due the $$$$, and we should have no more problems.

Both kids got to see bureaucracy in action, and both were not impressed. :lol: At least I had knitting with me (even if I did frog it today, because it....wasn't what I had in mind. I changed my CO number, and am starting again. It's Yaacov V.3.0, using the sock blanks I dyed a few weeks ago. As written, my first pattern repeat was muddy. :shrug: It happens - this should "fix" that. I hope.)

And for the record, I filed our Joint return on 2/1/16, and got the refund today. :boggle: At least the property taxes are paid now! (And, Craftsy is running a 50% off sale of their most popular classes.....if you've been thinking about getting a class, you might want to check them out and see if it's included. I got the bra-making class I've been waffling on (finally!))

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