Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Photo Time!

I, um...wasn't going to post today, but...well, it was a good mail day. :wink: Anyway, I have photos! Let's see...

First up, the UGLY socks:

2016 Ugly socks right

2016 Ugly socks left

The yarn is nice, and the colors - in the skein! - obviously looked good, or I wouldn't have bought it (I don't get affected by wool fumes to the point of purposefully buying ugly yarn, and I KNOW I didn't dye this batch. I...don't have dyes in that lichen green, for one thing!). The pattern is Old Shale/Feather and Fan, which usually works great with variegated skeins. This skein, though......

Here's my currently active sock - I give you Yaacov V.3.0:

2016 Yaacov socks cuff

The muddiness I had yesterday in the pattern portion is now in the bottom of the ribbing. :shrug: It works there, and the pattern is showing up pretty clearly. Can't wait to see how it works up next!

And now....I give you my new serger:

BL Serger case

It came in a lovely protective case! The box...was HUGE. The serger was in the case (wrapped in bubble wrap!), then the case was wrapped in bubble wrap, with an old yoga mat wrapped around *that*. The foot pedal and accessories were in bubble wrap inside a shoe box that was *also* wrapped in bubble wrap.

BL Serger outside

There she is, in all her glory! I am.....intimidated. VERY intimidated! She currently has 3 needles in - she can take 5. :gulp!:

BL Serger inside

This thing is SPOTLESS. I mean - except for a few scuffs on the outside, it looks like it's never been used! I am.....:gulp!:

I will play with it probably tomorrow....or maybe Sunday. I am.....honestly? I am a little scared of this thing! :giggle: At least it's good timing - I have a pair of jeans to make up for Herself....guess I can practice on them.

I need to rustle up lunch and get back to knitting...the serger can...can wait a bit. :lol: I need to read the manual and hunt up some videos to get my courage up.

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