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So. Where were we?

I got a phone call Thursday from Social Security. Seems that Herself has been deemed Disabled. Thank God! Huzzah! and :cry: - because while she IS, it's also hard to have it formally acknowledged, y'know?

Friday we had to drive out to the "local" SS office for me to fill out some papers - seems that Herself did a little worse at the evaluation than I thought - she's not allowed to handle her money. :lol:

And for the record, it isn't easy to qualify for disability (I've heard some flack - not a lot, but enough to make me angry.) - when you apply, they send you a TON of forms to fill out. You have to give permission for all your doctors to talk to them and share your records; in Herself's case I also had to list all the public schools she had gone to, as well as fill out a teacher's form myself. SS then sent her for a mental evaluation......then a few months later sent her for a more in-depth one. It still wasn't a forgone conclusion - although SS considers anyone on the spectrum to be disabled, it depends on where on the spectrum they fall as to how disabled they are. If that makes sense.

Anyway. The rep got the forms filled out, then told me to open a bank account with a specific name. So I headed to my bank....and was reminded WHY I dislike my bank. They refused to open the account unless they had a letter from SS. :sigh: It's not like I was opening it under a "doing business as"'s "My name for Herself". So...I went BACK to the office...only to be told that they can't give me a copy of the form, I'll just have to wait for the check to come in, THEN open the account, THEN get the info to them so they can change it to direct deposit. :sigh:

I spent yesterday setting up a spreadsheet to keep records for SS. Fun times!

Today's plan is to get Herself's jeans sewn up - I got the new serger running (it had been set to coverstitch, not overlock), so....after school I get to sew!

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