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somebody please shoot me now....

today was not a good day. due to a series of tragic mistakes that all occured simultaneously, i fell. happily, the canine uprising was quelled, and no one died. sadly, i fell. hard. and landed on my left hand. (well, it caught me...then my butt hit, then my right wrist. My right hand hurts, but not unreasonably so.)

oh, you want the whole story. sure: herself left the breakfast table (cause), zoey ate the remains (effect), herself went into hysterics (cause), i (on the treadmill at the time) jumped off the treadmill, entered the kitchen, sized up the situation, went to boot the dog out the pet door (right foot firmly applied to rump of the perp)....and my left foot hit a patch of something (chemical analysis was not we do not know what the slippery substance consisted of) and down i went.

there was a pop, and burning, and massive swelling. i ignored it all day, because surely it would get better, but i started getting nauseous around 3 pm. so, with heavy heart and tons of doubts, i picked up the dynamic duo and went to the local er. the pain? i almost had 3 wrecks because of the pain.


the doctor that misdiagnosed himself was there...he claims it is not broken, just sprained. uh huh......why can i not move my fingers, why are they numb and tingly (and have been all day - and yes, i told both the doc and the triage nurse), and why does it hurt to *look* at that wrist?

the instructions he gave me? tell me to come in immediately if i experience *any* swelling, tingling, fingers turning blue (they're turning black as we speak.....but not blue, so ok.) coldness, numbness.....i'll assume they meant if i experience any *more* blah blah blah.....

he gave me a prescription for vicodin, which i can't take. no, he didn't ask. no, they didn't offer to change it when i said something.

i dug out what was left of the prescription from my surgery in december. i knew being a hoarder would come in handy.

i did get a spiffy new, quite oversized and quite painful new splint out of the deal - i'd say that's worth $100, wouldn't you?

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