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Still cleaning....


Previous Entry Still cleaning.... Apr. 11th, 2016 @ 01:35 pm Next Entry
almost done with the bedroom. Just have the closet and bathroom to go - so I should be DONE by Friday! Pesach (Passover) begins next Friday evening - looks like I might be on track to have a clean house by then! (The studio will be tackled NEXT week.....not looking forward to it, but it needs to be done.)

I, um, also....made another apron. :lol: It's the "Protect and Serve" apron from Decades of Style. The fabric is a nice batik...

2016 Protect & Serve Apron front

2016 Protect & Serve Apron back

I went with one of the contrast colors for the bias tape. The pattern called for 3 packages, which was all our local Wally-world had (yes, I do shop there, for small things. I refuse to do my monthly shopping there, though, out of principal. Yes, it's weird and irrational, but....whatever.) I hoped they'd have it right on this pattern - on the 1940's apron I did, it called for 2 packs but needed 3 - but no, once again I didn't have enough.

*4* stores later, I had 2 more packages. (I...wanted to be sure I had enough.) IF I had skipped the pocket I *might* have been able to eke out the trim, but it would have been tight.

Speaking of the pocket:

2016 Protect & Serve Apron pocket

It's cute, but it's in a weird spot for me. :shrug: I like the apron overall; I'm not real sure about the smock. It's hard to put on - you have to put it over your head and wiggle your arms into the "sleeves", for lack of a better term. Still, it offers full coverage, looks cute, and was pretty easy and straight forward to sew. I don't know if I'll sew up another one....we'll see. I have a few more patterns bookmarked...:lol:

Need to go work on the kitchen table. It got a bit cluttered this weekend...:sigh:

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