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One more....

apron, that is. This is it - for now. :lol:

This is a Japanese Cross-back Apron, made from Merimekko-esque fabric. LOVE the fabric, LOVE the resulting apron! Here - have a couple of photos:

2016 Japanese cross back apron front

2016 Japanese cross back apron back

This started as the free pattern from Japanese Sewing Books. I downloaded the adult-sized one....but I honestly don't know anyone that that would fit. Maybe Herself......I had to totally re-draft it. I added 1" in the body and sides, shortened it by 3", added 2" or 3" to the strap length, and widened the straps (not sure by how much - I just sort of eyeballed it and re-drew them.) The side seams are French - the straps are covered by the bias tape across the top of the body. (The pattern wanted you to use a facing....I didn't feel like messing with that. Bias tape for the win! :lol:)

The apron took a little less than 2 yards (but....because of the length of the straps, you *need* 2 yards to fit the pieces on. The leftovers are on the sides of the fabric.) and almost 3 full packages of bias tape. It went together very quickly - the longest bit was me trying to use my binding foot with the bias tape (it...didn't work. I need to make my own bias strips and try again; the foot will save SCADS of time, once I figure out what it wants.)(This tape is just a sketch too wide. :shrug:)

I think this is my favorite apron by far. I need to actually USE it to verify that, but.....I LOVE it. No straps to tie, no fussy adjustments to make, just pull it on (and it pulls on very easily!) and GO.

Anyway - gotta get into hyper-cleaning mode. Passover is Friday evening; we're already eating the freezer down. I did most of the heavy cleaning over the past month (thank the Lord for that!), so this week is just crumb patrol and wiping down. And trying to keep on top of the mud situation - it's been raining. Again. This time the doe barn flooded.....I think we may need to invest in an ark...:lol:

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