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Still tired....

because we were on the road most of the day. We hit 3 of the fabric outlet stores.....I spent about half of what I had "budgeted" - but that I hadn't really intended to spend. If that makes sense....I also dropped off Herself's Bernina for servicing; the foot pedal failed the technician's test, so he's going to replace the innards. It's about $300 or so for a new one; he'll replace the guts for $119. It should be ready in 2 weeks; I've already taken that amount out of my checkbook so that I won't spend it twice. (I've also taken out the approximate amount of Himself's and my glasses, so that I won't spend it, either.)

So, what did I score? Well.....Herself picked out fabric for 2 full dresses, a pair of PJ's, and 3 yards for...something. Me? I got some more Armani silk for underthings, fabric for 2 more aprons......and.....:gulp:.....6 yards of a LOVELY green wool coating and 5 yards of dark navy Armani silk for a coat. I am...well, not ready to cut into the $38/yard - OK, so I did get 20% off, which makes it about $30/yard, but STILL - wool just yet. I need to find some books on proper coat-making, first......H? Any advice? :lol:

It was a nice day. Tiring, but good. I have to make Herself's first dress by June 5th - Comic Con. She wants to "bound" as Bonnie from FNAF (don't ask, and don't google if you're unfamiliar. It's a horror game character......) (If you're not familiar with started as a Disney thing. Basically, it's normal-ish clothes that reflect a particular character, without being obvious. So, for example, if you wanted to bound as Iron Man, you'd wear a red dress with gold accents, an arc-reactor pendant/brooch, and maybe red and gold ribbons in your hair (assuming you're female. Male would be a red and gold suit with the pendant/brooch, or maybe tie tack.) The point is to capture the "spirit" of the character, without actually being in costume. It's an interesting take, and much cheaper and more.....useful than cosplaying - because it's "real" clothes, and not a costume.

Anyway. I need to figure out what I need to research for the coat (already have a pattern), and then I need to start on Herself's first dress. It'll be easy.....mostly. :lol:

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