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Blah de blah de blah...

Forgot to mention the other day: I also scored 2 bolts of denim, and some lovely green...suede-like cloth. I wasn't sure WHY I wanted it, until yesterday; I think it needs to become a tunic. :lol:

I picked up a few more yards yesterday. I want to re-do the cushion on my sewing chair, so we headed to JoAnn's. Um. Butterick patterns were on sale for $1.99....I fell down. 5 patterns came home with me.....according to my receipt, I saved $86. I spent $12. :rofl: I LOVE that kind of shopping!

One of the patterns happens to be almost perfect for Herself's "Bonnie" dress. I'll substitute a fuller skirt, but the bodice is color-blocked in a manner that really looks like a stuffed-animal's tummy. I'll be tracing the pattern tonight; tomorrow will be muslin-making. And maybe real-dress making.

I also sat down and made al its of things that NEED to be sewn. Her dress, of course - then I need to get busy making seat cushions for the sewing desk and the kitchen table. IF I have enough of the tapestry fabric I'll make cushions for the dining room too. Then my coat, another dress for Herself (although I'm going to try to get her to sew that herself...we'll see.) and...I don't remember without getting up to get the list. :lol: The coat is the big project....:gulp: I printed the pattern out today (Bootstrap's Empire Waist coat)....I'll be spending a bit of time reading the instructions before cutting the fabric.

Tomorrow is plumber day, Tuesday is safety-deposit box day. Wednesday is our normal shopping day....I plan on staying home Thursday and SLEEPING. Hopefully! :lol:

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