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Taking a break....


Previous Entry Taking a break.... May. 23rd, 2016 @ 03:52 pm Next Entry
I finished the muslin for Herself's Bonnie dress; just waiting for her to wake up to try it on. Figured I would drop in and blab a bit. :lol:

H: Yes, I have learned my lesson - EVERYTHING wearable (with the exception of aprons) gets muslined. Usually multiple times - even Bootstrap patterns. I will confess that I don't always use the "proper" muslin-y fabric - I don't always have the proper weight on hand; jeans get fitted by my pants sloper then made up in actual denim. At $3.50/yard I can afford to do *that* - because they're fit to the sloper first, it's a good bet they'll fit well enough to wear around the house, if nothing else.

As for the deals - the patterns were just a balloon :lol: - these were the $17+ patterns. That wasn't planned....but I'm grateful for the blessing just the same! Fabric-wise....hon, if your husband ever has to travel to Dallas for work, and if you can schlep the kids off to the grandparents for the duration, I will be happy to haul you to the Outlet area. It's in a sketchy part of town (so....go on a weekday morning!), but the deals! Armani silk for $8.50/yard, quilting cotton for $3.00/up, linen for $4.00/up.....I try to not go without plenty of spending money, because it's easy to go nuts. The wool.....I spent a good half hour trying to talk myself out of it, but it's the perfect - PERFECT - green, and the perfect weight for Texas winters. I'll be taking my time on the coat - I want it to be as perfect as I can get it. And I know I'll be learning a LOT from it - which is good!

I spent the morning washing all the cottons. The plan is to get the dress done, then start on the cushions. I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but SG has promised me a cabin for a Studio when he gets his severance package early next year. (To be fair, I offered a cabin to Herself, first, but both she and SG pointed out that a) I need more space than the garage Studio has (my loom is 6'x6'x6' - and that doesn't include any of the space I need around it to actually *use* it; there is honestly not enough room in the garage for me to actually *weave*. I've tried, but.....:shrug: I can either down-size the loom (and I've offered!), or I need more space.) ; b) we've already run a 220 plug out there, and would have to do that AGAIN if we give her a cabin; and c) I can get a large enough space that the sewing machines can go out there, too. So, I'll have my machine, Herself's machine, the serger, and a machine for Himself to use (he wants to kinda, maybe, learn to sew. I'm not pushing - but I'll set up a spot for him!). And the weaving stuff, a cutting table, and all the craft books. IF I can find the "right" furniture at the right price (aka: Free!), there will be a reading area in there, too.)

So. I need to make 4 matching chair cushions, and some throw pillows. :lol: Should be fun!

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