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more weirdness...

so, yesterday we get home, i feed the horses, feed the kids, then grab the bucket to feed the dogs. walk outside...and there is a snake. at least 6'. black with tan and brown splotches. blunt nose. lounging behind the water bowl.

i levitated 4 feet away. the dogs ignored him - they wanted the food. he and i stared at each other.

i dumped the food on the porch, then ran to see if my useless neighbor was home (nope). grabbed some garlic (since that supposedly keeps snakes away) and scatted them over the porch.

he was gone. herself said she watched him slither off......:shudder:

and, the ortho's office the house. i was at work. they closed 30 minutes after i left for hte day. it takes me an hour to get home.

anyone wanna bet they are calling because they think it's workers comp (even though i clearly stated it wasn't~!)?

*sigh* bath time for hte kidlets.
Tags: blather, country life

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