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A Soggy Shabbat Shalom!


Previous Entry A Soggy Shabbat Shalom! May. 27th, 2016 @ 02:31 pm Next Entry
It's Raining. Again. At least it's cool? And we're not in a drought?

Almost done with Herself's Bonnie dress. I cut a straight 14 - this time I did something different that didn't work like I thought it would. My serger prefers to cut while serging; it doesn't like just serging the edges. So, when I cut out the bodice pieces, I cut 1/4" OUTSIDE the pattern, traced the pattern piece, and planned on serging the excess off. Basically, I wanted to end up with the exact sized piece, but with serged edges.

Only, I can't serge exactly on the line. :sigh: I did use the lines as guides for the seams, so I did manage to seam it to the right size, but....I need to work on that.

The skirt is cut, serged, seamed, and gathered. I need to decide if I want to put a couple of darts in the bodice (it fits, but it's a little looser than she likes.......*I* want her to have room to move; since this is a woven, not a knit I can't fit it as tightly as she thinks she wants.) or if I just want to slap the skirt on, add the zip, and hem it. We'll see....

I have some books coming on Tailoring.....because I want to research the heck out of things before starting to fit the coat. :lol: (Have I mentioned I am a bibliophile? Sounds better than "book junkie"...but same thing. :lol:)

I need to put on some music and be-bop around getting ready for Shabbat. My current obsession is "Shut up and Dance" by Walk the Moon. Very upbeat and fun!

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