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fun with appointment schedulers....

so. got home last night to find a message from the ortho's office. they left it at noon. at my house. grrrrrrrrrrr.

*ahem* anyway...i call them this morning. the receptionist tells me that, because it is worker's comp, my insurance won't pay and i can't come in. i tell her, no, it's not w/c, where did you get that idea, i *fell* for pete's sake...let's get this party started. she stutters, then tells me to call back and speak to the scheduler.

so, i did.

scheduler: it's w/c, and we don't take w/c, and you need to call the w/c doc

me: so, you're refusing me service, yes?

s: ...............

m: because, if so, i need to notify my insurance carrier and my attorney. the sooner the better, because i need to get this wrist looked at.

s: no, i'm not refusing service *small laugh* it's just that your insurance won't pay for a w/c claim.

m: who said it was w/c? i fell on monday the er told me to contact you. after they said it was a miner sprain. it's not - it's either broken or torn. my insurance doesn't even know about the wc claim.

s: .............

s: oh. um. see, your chart says w/c and we

m: (interupting) yes, but that was for the ct. this is not - i.fell.on.monday. i it popped. and burned. the fingers are *numb* and unmoving. there is constant pain.

m: i *never* informed my insurance carrier about the ct. i went straight thru w/c. my insurance doesn't *know* jack.

s: oh. so, why didn't you call dr. s - he's the one seeing you for the ct.

m: because he's a jerk and - wait. you don't need to know that. the quack at the er told me to call *you*. so i did.

s: quack? *laugh* why ever

m: (interupting again) because he diagnosed my son with bronchitus and gave him *nothing* and the ped was *this*close* to admitting him to the hospital with pneumonia 2 days later. my ped is *pissed* at your hospital, and i am too, now.

s: oh.

s: ......

s: so, ok, come on in tomorrow. we'll treat you like a new patient, but if your insurance refuses to pay it's not our fault.

m: they have no reason to refuse unless you *claim* it's w/c. which you *can't*, because i *fell* on *monday* and it has *nothing* to do with the ct. i think it's either broken or torn.

s: oh. i didn't realize that it might be fractured.

s: um....did you get xrays?

m: umm - *yes*. at the er. on monday evening. after i fell.

s: you'll need to bring them to us. *we* can return them, but we can't get them for you.

m: (wtf?) sure. no prob.

so, i call the hospital...*that* was a load of fun!

m: i was in monday night to have my wrist looked at. i need to pick up the x-rays for the ortho, please.

hospital: are you seeing dr. v? because we can fax the results over to him if his girl will call.

m: (hysterical laughter) oh, no - see, they tell me you *can't* do that - i have to do it! (snerk, giggle)

h: oh...errrr....*oh*! does he need to see the films?

m: y-e-s.

h: oh, ok. your name? how do you spell that? um, what was that? err....i'm sorry, can you spell that again (for *5*.freaking.minutes. i kid you not)

m: so, when and where can i get these?

h: here, and in 30 minutes.

m: are *where*? and i'll be picking them up tomorrow am, before my appt.

h: (gives really stupid directions that i do *not* understand, and will have to get a sherpa to tell me exactly *where* he is) ok, we'll see you in a bit.

m: no, you'll see me *tomorrow* morning. before my appointment.

h: oh, ok.

any bets on them trying to bill it as w/c tomorrow????

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