Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

2016 is hereby officially put on Notice...

because Enough is ENOUGH. :sigh:

Took Herself to the OB/GYN yesterday. Tentative diagnosis: PCOS. Doc pulled blood, and we go back in 3 weeks (or so) for a sonogram. Treatment: Birth Control (which she is already on, but not currently taking. :bangs head:)

As we were headed for the blood draw, my phone rang. It was Himself - seems Granny's neighbor called. Both she and Papaw had to be taken to the ER. She fell, he couldn't get her up, and the *3rd* time the paramedics came out yesterday (!!!), they brought an ambulance. Only, they took one look at HIM, and slapped him on the gurney and started breathing treatments (he'd been having problems. *I* told him to go to his doc......:bangs head:), then called another ambulance for her.

She's in the cardiac wing (congestive heart failure, for starters); he's in the regular hospital. He looked good last night; she was in good spirits, but extremely swollen and sore. We're headed back out in a bit to spend most of the day there. (We're the closest, at 1.25 hours. BIL is in Austin (3.5 hours, or so), and SIL is in Kentucky (19 hours, or so). Both are trying to get up/down here......but for the moment, we're it. I don't mind....but I hate hospitals.

I've been working on a new (very much needed!) swimsuit, but it's been shoved to the back burner. The 3 suits I made in 2013 (really? It's been that long? Wow!) are slowly dying, so I NEED a new suit (we're in the pool at least 1x/day, so...yeah.) but they'll have to limp along for now.

At least I'll get some quality knitting time in? :sigh:

2016 will be fired if it doesn't get it's act together. I can NOT deal with another month like last December. Herself is already a basket-case -she and Granny have always been close (she's the first grandchild. While Granny's been careful to not have favorites.....Herself is a wee bit more favorite than Himself, or her newest granddaughter. Himself is the favorite (only!) grandson...and the wee one is currently the favorite red-head. :lol: But Herself is, well, the first - and she's just a little more Aspie right now.)

So. Hope you have a peaceful Shabbat.

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