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wow - a competent doctor....

in my home town, yet!

let's see...i had to wait 20 minutes to pick up my xrays. why? because the lady kept taking calls. (why is it, when *i* am the one calling, i get put on hold so they can take care of customers, but when i come in, i am kept waiting so they can take care of callers?) she did at least apologize for the wait...

so, off i go to the ortho. they are in the professional building. hmmmm. the only prof. bldg is #2...yup. that's them. *scratches head*

new xrays...yup, it's broken. the little bone on the outside has a crack at the tip, all the way across. good news is that it's not displaced. so, he gave me a choice: leave the splint on it or -

i said: i have 2 kids, 3 very large dogs, and 6 horses.

he said: you can follow me right down to the cast room and we'll get you fixed right up. *g*

they did not have tie-dye (wonder why not? it can't be *that* hard to color the material.). i am now sporting a nice, bright, kelly green arm. (the glow in the dark lime green was gone....*sob*)(incidentally, *why* would you want a glow in the dark arm? wouldn't that make it hard to sleep at night? *g*)

i figure my mil can have fun with acrylic paint tomorrow and spruce it up. *g* i'm thinking sheepies bouncing all over.....

i have to go back in 2 weeks for more xrays. if it looks good, they'll remove the cast then. if not, i'll probably go back in weekly until they feel it's bonded enough.

the doc did say that sometimes the break doesn't show up right away..but still. a minor sprain??? i need to write a letter, i think.

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