Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

2 weeks.

Maybe 3.

We had an impromptu meeting with Pallative care yesterday. Friday evening, SIL and BIL and I had set up an appointment for them to call in; SIL on the room phone and BIL on my cell. We wanted to explain to FIL - hold on, let me back up just a bit.

Wednesday, FIL got out of the hospital. He spent the rest of the day, and all night, with MIL at the Rehab. Thursday afternoon I got a call from the Rehab - MIL's #s tanked, she wasn't very responsive (we had noticed that at our visit Thursday AM, but attributed it to dialysis on Wednesday.), so he called the paramedics and they took her in.

Friday afternoon I got a call from the doc.....basically, prognosis was poor. VERY poor. Hence the setting up of the meeting - FIL knew she was bad, but honestly hadn't accepted what I was seeing.

So. We picked up FIL yesterday morning and headed to the hospital. The Pallative care nurse called me wanting to meet with us; I told her that well, the sibs and I had a family meeting set up at 10. She was thrilled and arranged to meet with us. I sent the kids out of the room, SG conferenced everybody thru my phone......

And we learned that her liver has rage quit along with her kidneys. Her numbers are SO bad that it's really stupid to keep up the dialysis, and they are going to put her on hospice. (MIL was sleeping during this). We cried, nurse left to set up a hospice meeting (Monday AM), and MIL woke up. Just as the kidney doc came in. He said, OK, we are stopping dialysis - and she got all happy. He started to explain WHY and SG said "Um, she JUST WOKE UP"....the doc immediately changed gears and said "We know you wanted it only temporary, so.....we're going to stop." :whew:

No, she doesn't know. Right now, FIL wants to keep it that way. So, she's in the hospital so that they can check her medicine (NOT a lie, actually, just...not the whole truth.) He's afraid that if he tells her she'll will herself to go early......and he is NOT ready for that.

Herself is a basket-case. She heard MIL say "So, they are finally stopping the dialysis. Yippee!" and almost lost it (she knows what that means. We've discussed it.) :sigh:

So. I apologize in advance for the upcoming radio silence. I was hoping I'd have longer, but it is what it is.

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