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Random thoughts....

that have been pressing on me lately. Are you prepared for what's coming? I doesn't matter WHO wins this election, America is hosed. There are rumblings from Russia......

It has been brought to my attention that being prepared is all good, but do you have backup plans on how to USE your preps, if we are, say, somehow knocked back to WWII-era technology? I mean, yeah - I have food/critters ready to go, but what if the power grid is knocked out?

Or - and this is the BIGGIE - what if the Internet were to be taken down? Don't mock - it CAN happen (look at the DDoS attacks last weekend; that's just the beginning, I think.) One of the best ways to control the populace is to limit their access to many of us turn to the 'net FIRST when we want to research/learn? (Guilty!) E-books are great....but how do you access them if the power grid is unreliable? And what if rationing is reinstated?

I'm not trying to be alarmist or conspiracy-minded, but this is something worth thinking about. I have a pretty nice little library going, and I'm trying to fill in the knowledge gaps. I don't need to know EVERYTHING, I just need to know what my 1940's-era foremother knew.

Just something to think about.....oh, and go VOTE. This election is very important.........even if the choices aren't the best. Felonia von Pantsuit, or Immature Blowhard? Someone who, had it been one of us "normal" people, would be in Federal Prison under traitor charges, or a loud-mouth business man who talks trash? :sigh: Fun times......I refuse to vote 3rd party, because that won't do anything but insure my non-chosen candidate will get elected....:sigh:

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