Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Oh my gosh! My loom has been moved!

And I couldn't be more excited! I can WEAVE again!!!!!!!!!

No, the Studio isn't finished yet....but it is finished enough that we could get the loom moved in. Here - have a photo:

loom in pieces

This is what a Swedish Countermarch Loom looks like, when you've moved it OUT of one space, given it a bath and a wax treatment, then moved it into a new space. It breaks down into a bunch of....well, not small, but smallER pieces. :lol: (Also, see that dark wood cabinet with glass doors? That's what SG got me from his plant. It's just the right size for most of the knitting yarns! I have my eye on a slightly larger, almost matching cabinet......if it falls through, CraigsList has a few listed right now. I need 1 more nice cabinet for the rest of the knitting yarns, a few cones of weaving yarn, and my spinning tools. Or CDs. Anyway, I need 1 more storage cabinet - it'll go next to the pie safe. Yes, the back wall will be "heavy". Don't care - it's why I didn't put windows on it.)

And then, after about 30 minutes of work and foul language, you have this:

loom facing back

This is from the warp beam, or back of the loom, facing the front. Or, the back of the Studio. The pie safe is where (most of) the spinning fiber lives.

loom facing window

This is the view from my perspective, while I am weaving. The window faces the back of the house, so I have a nice view of the dogs. There's also a window to the side of me, facing SG's shop.

You can sort of get an idea of what the Studio looks like - but I'm not showing all of it, not yet. There's still a LOT of tools in here, and my sewing desk is still in the house (as is almost all of the fabric.) We have to finish the ceiling (the panels are all up, but it needs work. A....lot of work. I can live with it, but the seams need to be covered with trim boards (because...well, it looks like amateurs did it, which...we are, and did. :lol:) and the cutting table needs 2 shelves before we can drop the top on. The fabric can't be moved until that happens, and my sewing desk can't be moved until all the ladders and scaffolds and big tools are out.

But! The loom is IN, and I have confirmation that I was, in fact correct - I have PLENTY of room. Not a lot of SPACE, but plenty of room. I can work in here comfortably, there's room for Herself to sew while I am (and Himself, too, if he wants!) - and there's still room to walk around. Praise God for it, too! :happy dance:

I am taking the rest of today to warp the loom. This week I need to start shoveling out the garage studio so Herself can get set's bad. We are battling a mouse invasion (33 dead, so far...and at LEAST 2 more in the house. :sigh: SG promised back in June to get an's now almost November, and no exterminator in sight.) so....yeah, it's bad. Hence me scrubbing down EVERYTHING after it leaves the house before it goes into my new studio......:shudder:

Gotta run - my loom is calling me!

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