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When disaster strikes....

REAL disaster, not just "my candidate didn't win, oh woe is me!" :sigh: - the Lord can use it, and will. Why?

Because my house currently resembles a wind tunnel, I have NO flooring (except in the Master Suite, and part of Herself's room), and it smells of anti-microbial spray. Himself and I are happily camped out in the Studio (Loki stayed with us last night, as "protection". :snerk:......I want to cry. Seriously.

The Adjuster sent out a Disaster Recovery team Friday evening (she hasn't been out yet - she's waiting for all the fans and dehumidifiers to do their thing first). They got there around 5....and left at 12:30, only to return at 9:30 yesterday morning. I had thought that only the kitchen/laundry/family rooms would need work......oh, no. The carpet pad under the laminate was wet throughout the *entire* house. We had the dogs locked in the Master Suite - I was praying that somehow the water didn't go there. The Lord heard me - the water stopped 8" in front of our door! (Granted, the water went UNDER the kitchen cabinets along the shared wall, so there is still a chance that our room got wet......but for the moment, it was spared. I realize that *we* will probably have to pay to replace that floor - all my floors were the same - but 1 room is not that expensive, all told. :sigh:)

Herself's room was only wet 3' in, but still - the entire floor will have to be replaced. I've tried to prepare her.....I pick her up tomorrow, and she's got to start packing things up.

The crew leader told us we'll most likely get PODS to put all our stuff into. It has to go SOMEWHERE. He also said we'd probably be put up in a hotel - I nixed that idea. We have 7 dogs - there's no way any hotel will allow that; boarding honestly isn't an option for 5 out of the 6 (it would be too traumatic for them). The Studio has room for us to sleep - right now, Himself is on the pull-out bed, and I am on a twin-sized air mattress (the queen won't fit while the bed is open). When Herself gets home I'll either close up the sofa bed and set up the queen mattress, or I'll buy another twin mattress ($8, plus another 5 for a sheet). :shrug: SG refuses to move; he says it's no louder than the computer room at his plant........:whatever: (The upshot is, he gets to sleep with 6 dogs crowded in. :lol: Loki was QUITE happy to bunk with us.)

The dogs are totally confused - all the furniture is pulled to the center of the rooms (because they had to punch holes in where the baseboards used to be so that the fans can dry out the drywall there - it was ALL wet.) and squished together (as you can imagine), so there's no place for them to lay down. Our bedroom is the same....but Chloe and Riley are used to sleeping on the futon and loveseat while Bree normally sleeps on the sofa. Now, though......they are all crowded into 1 room. (We have large dogs, have I mentioned that? :lol:)

I am totally sick over this.......we have 25 fans and 3 dehumidifiers running 24/7 until tomorrow at the earliest. All my stuff has been handled by strangers - they were nice, and professional, but that's not the point. A crew will be dispatched to load up the PODS (or whatever they decide to do with our stuff - it can NOT stay in the house, no matter what else is decided). And Herself.....she's going to be an absolute basket case. I've already moved all our current and soon-to-be-utilized Homeschooling stuff out to the Studio - I don't want to lose any more time if at all possible. (Crud. I still need to move a TV and DVD player out.....or wait. I have an external CD/DVD player for the MacBook Air (which I am typing this on)....I'll get the drive this AM and we'll be set to go, once the next set of DVDs come in.) And our wi-fi reaches out here - Praise God for that! (The first thing SG did when the crew walked out the door was to plug in the router and his iMac. Techies! :shakes head: :lol:)(Himself brought his PC out here, so he's happily playing Space Engineers and Star Wars: Battlefront. It just fits on the serger desk - I'm glad I kept the desk, instead of deciding space was more important than storage!)(And the cutting table was finished Wednesday, just in time to use it to store my fine china on! The Lord really was looking out for us!)

I am trying to look on the bright side......I'll get new floors! (We're talking about either linoleum or simply painting/staining the slab. Right now, I am leaning heavily on the paint/stain, because I do NOT want to go thru this again! SG is trying to talk me off of that ledge - concrete will be colder than the vinyl (which.....we need something that will stand up to the dogs, with as few seams as possible. Laminate works, but.....seams. And if - IF - we ever get another leak......:shudder:) I'll also get new cabinets and countertops (bottom only, probably - but hey! New! And we'll only be out our deductible.......:sigh:

I do have photos, but.......they make me sick to look at them. I'll try to post something later this week, once we know what the plan is.

Thank God the Studio was finished enough we can basically live in it! It's a bit of a slog to do a bathroom run at 2 AM, but I can deal with that. :lol: (Trying to look on the bright side!)

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