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It's Raining!!!!!!

Because of course it is. The Studio is nice and dry.....I'm not sure if the heater in the A/C unit can take on the 30* weather that is supposed to hit tonight, but for now it's OK in here. And dry.

Yesterday was my dentist appointment. I had originally made it for Tuesday, with the kids - just a normal cleaning. The girl got both kids....and forgot to put mine in. :bangs head: Ah, well - it's probably a good thing. See, I didn't need a normal clean, no - I needed the DEEP cleaning. (I saw the x-rays; yeah, it's been a....few years.) So. 2.5 hours later, half my mouth is done; I go back 12/2 to get the other side done. :fun times: Good news - no cavities! Bad news - Himself has 7; he's getting them filled 11/28, then we go to the Oral Surgeon for a consult to get his wisdom teeth extracted. :poor kid: At least we have very good insurance - so far, $0 in copays. Only $35 for the fillings...and $0 for the wisdom teeth

Let's see...while I was out, the Adjuster came. Yup, everything is covered; we should know today or Monday what our budget is. The crew delivered 2 pods......I am laughing at their confidence. There is NO WAY *I* could fit everything into 2 pods - and I am a Tetris-Master! I might be able to fit the kid's stuff into 1......but I don't think I could get the family room/game room/dining room/kitchen/laundry room in the other. :shakes head:

I have finally stumped my boy. Calculus is actually making him *think*. :lol: It's making me think, too - which is good! (I finally *get* it - at least, a little. We're using "Life of Fred: Calculus", which is living math., but it does get the point across. Himself hates it, but says that it at least gives him an overview. The plan is this, then the Great Courses Calculus series, THEN Khan Academy. We'll see how it goes.)

Need to get ready for school - hope y'all have a good weekend!

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