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It's cold...

and damp, and my house is being emptied by people I don't know. :sigh: Yes, it needs to be done...but STILL.

The floor guy is coming out tomorrow to take a look at things. I won't be here - the kids and I will be at FIL's trying to assemble the turkey-day meal. :lol: I *think* I have everything ready to toss in the Jeep.....I hope, anyway. It's kinda hard when your house is all at sixes and sevens, y'know?

The Studio is doing well as temporary living quarters for the kids. I'm hoping the packers will get everything but the beds out of the kids' rooms so that they can at least *sleep* in there - it's getting too cold at night for bathroom runs!

Re: Politics. I have been doing a LOT of thinking lately.......all the riots and violence and whining? It's just like it was in 2008 and 2012 when the Democrat was elected. Remember? It was horrible, all the things the losing side did....oh, wait. That's right - never happened. Because *adults* know better.

Also.....why is it that everyone that voted for Trump is a racist/bigot/hater.......but those that voted Obama simply because of the color of his skin *isn't*? for someone simply based on skin color IS racist. And voting for someone simply based on Her sex is *sexist*.........yet people don't seem to get it. :sigh:

I would like to point out that race relations in this country are worse now than they were 8 years ago......and it's not surprising. When your President, upon hearing of a police-involved shooting, says "I'm sure the police are wrong."; when he says, upon hearing of another one, "That could have been MY son!" it any wonder we have more race problems now? (I wanted to ask him, "So....YOUR son would have been a thug and 2-bit thief?"....but I didn't, because that would be petty.)

Anyway. I have to get ready to start school before the packers get out here.

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