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Ok, so I had a bunch of movers come out...

and pack up my house, right? They were good. SO good, in fact.........they actually..........


Yes. We discovered it shortly after they left last Tuesday evening, but I hadn't posted because........seriously? They packed my dirty dishes! (They were pre-rinsed, but still!)

I am SO ready for all this to be over with! We're waiting on the mortgage company now, then we go pay for the floors......and will have to wait about 1 week before he can start. So, IF we get the check into the bank on Friday, we *should* be able to order the floors on Monday; he'll order them and they'll be in on Wednesday, the earliest. He'll bring them out Thursday, but they have to acclimate, so he can't start on the floors until the following Monday (12/12 - Hey! Happy Birthday!)......and it'll take at least 3 days. Of course, we have to demo the cabinets first.....and order the replacements from Ikea......THEN we have to install case scenario? We'll be done by 12/23. I......honestly don't think that's even remotely possible. I think the mortgage company will do their normal routine, which is to delay, delay, delay.....and I'm looking at New Year's at the earliest. :sigh:

Plus, we have a Movie Date on 12/16 that takes priority over my floors. :wink:

Anyway. Need to skitter - we have school. Moving slowly today.......

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